So Smart

And look
what Sam can do
at only 10 months old.
Mom put a load of laundry
in the dryer...2 minutes maybe
and he unrolled the TP
and learning to flush the pot!
That's my grandson.

He cannot forsee the drama of 
having to use the darn think
 in a few months


tchesney said...

Oh no, the fun is just beginning! Way too cute!

Marilyn said...

Oh fun! I would just sit there and laugh. I know, not a good thing. But he is having such a good time learning.

Brenda said...

Oh it was less than 2 min ... he's a busy one. With the wash/dryer being about 6 ft away I could hear something going on ... peaked around the corner and saw all the TP on the floor. Too funny. He is getting SO big!

Cinlyn said...

Too cute! We are expecting our first grandbaby (girl) in July!