At it again...

Hutch Studio.
The latest.
We are tweeking Hutch
It is amazing and wonderful
already. Adding some more
layers to tell...
Our story.

Sissy, Sam & Little Ming
Living in a world full of 

The Hareytale

Here is one of the new bunnies
that will inhabit Hutch.
(and a friendly duck)

They are  4" tall
and will live in their own little miniature world.
There will be more bunnies.
From big to small
large to tall
floppy and sweet
and all in between.

Keep your bunny ears up
for more of the latest
 News Here at Hutch,
Cricket Island.


Chesney said...

OMGOsh, they are the cutest...looking forward to the happenings on Cricket Island, for sure!

andrea creates said...

cute cute cute!
love the legs on the bunny :)

Marilyn said...

So cute!

gretchen said...

such sweet little guys! They will be in good company.
we passed through SeaTac airport yesterday and I spotted a display of Bunnies by the Bay behind a shop window that made me smile and think of all your other lovely artwork, too!