Heave Ho

Do you ever wonder how you ended up where you are?
Going from one place to another
and not knowing how you got there.
Like heading to montana and you end
up in Pittsburg. 
This is blog land. 
In my research this morning on 
french sailor shirts
I ended up here
Which is a great site for 
inspiring words.
like this
And here are great images of that shirt.
found here

which also led me to this cool blog

A successful voyage this morning.
Happy Monday.


Jana said...

After watching the Chanel movie last year I wanted one of those shirts too. I found one at H&M but it wasn't quite boxy enough. My dream is to get the real deal in France someday... :)

Shelly said...

Ackkk! Kry, I had a Shirt like that,,ahem, back in the mid 80's when I was working in the Designer Dept at Nordy's. It was made by Merona!

Too weird, that line used to be really high end all cotton sportswear.....I think even "back then" in the Dark Ages they were about $44 Bucks,,,,which would be HOW much Today? Ugh,,,I don't even want to think about THAT!

Now, as many of us Know, Target carries Merona Things have Changed!

Have a great week, hope you're getting a chance to enjoy a BIT of reprive from the rain,,,hey, sunbreaks are better than "nuttin'!" Then again, I understand your were enjoying the "Island life!"

Hugs and Love,

Lydia said...

....kind of in line with," If a door doesn't open, build one." Milton Berle