Official sale

I met with a realtor yesterday.
I have officially listed my house.

If I were to close my eyes and
 envision a beach house
I would see mine.

When my sister and I were little, my mom
and her girlfriends and all their kids would 
go to her friend Joan's family home. 
It was built on the north shore of
Guemes Island.

 Built by Joan's father and
 left in trust to his three daughters.
The cabin holds some of my fondest memories.
They had a carved wooden whale on a post that
we would take turns sitting on.  And
a wooden chest on the porch full of agates.
 We would dig in the sand and make huge forts
 and furniture out of driftwood.  We visited a lady called, "Bubbles" who lived in a round house that had walls full of beach glass and agates. 
 All the kids and the mice slept in a loft.  
It was incredible. 

I wanted to feel the same way I felt on those
amazing summer days of my childhood.  So I 
 dreamt about my own house on the beach.
 I found it.
 Thirty-five years later.

My beach house was my dream fulfilled.
 I love where it sits, in a unique and charming  cove. Driving past Similk beach golf course everyday was like driving down a beautiful lane,full of trees, green grass and lush woods.  And then, you would see the driftwood, the water, the islands. And I knew that I was living my dream, my heart was home.

 It was my artist studio, where I learned to
draw and paint. Solder jewelry and sew my
own clothes. Plant a garden,create unique window boxes, serve up a killer barbecued salmon, and steam crab caught right out in Similk bay. It is THE place to be on the 4th of July. We built bon fires and toasted marshmallow. Told stories around that fire pit,and laughed until tears ran down our faces. There was no other place I wished to be.   

It has been 10 years.

I have changed.
My little beach house not only
 sheltered me but gave me the peace
 of mind to make space for a new dream...
To wander...to see more of this amazing planet.
I want to be a traveling gal.
  To be light.
 To be free.

So I am ready to let go and hook
 my star up to a new dream.

My wish... whoever buys my beach house has their dream fulfilled. When they walk through the front door and see that cove and look upon the forest covered islands, and the beach full of driftwood, they are filled with a sense of peace and know in their heart, they have come home.


Amanda Makes said...

D'ya know every time I check in with you I'm fearful of the post when you say..'I've sold my beach house'. I just think it's heaven on earth. I need a miracle to happen quickly so that I can buy it! A lottery win maybe? xxx

GardenGirl said...

Beautiful memories behind, new memories ahead... ;)

Deb @ Garden Party