beach house for sale

We took some new pictures of my house.
Anyone interested in buying a 
beach house?

Officially listed with John L Scott in Anacortes


GardenofDaisies said...

I so wish I could pick up and move back to Washington and buy your Anacortes beach house!!!!! We used to spend summers very near there, at Samish Island. (Bow)

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Krys...Can I come over and play with you at your snappy beach house? I will bring the pink lemonade and sunscreen.

Have Boo-Boo is so cute fun, Jody

Marilyn said...

Good luck selling the beach house. It is lovely!

Clorinda Altavilla said...

The beautiful house on the beach translates to serenity and tranquility. It's ideal for those city urban dwellers who wants to escape from their stressful city lives, and experience peaceful relaxing acitivities with their family and loved ones.

Clorinda Altavilla

charlesalvarez23 said...

Wow! What a fantastic place. It can help you relax and enjoyed every moment of your days. Hope to have this kind of property someday. I really love it. Big thanks for sharing.

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