Oh lordy it's BUNNIES

Oh my,
We have been inundated with 
rabbits.  A few pictures of 
and what we have been up to.

A sailboat, made of cardboard and filled
with nautical rabbits.
Setting sail for a land full of carrots.

 Hey, some rabbits are better artists 
than others....
Chris made the little wagon from an old spice can.
 Very cool book I found while out 

Hello...can I read you a story?

One of my simple bunny drawings brought to life with thread.
Made into a pillow.

This is an old doll I changed the face on.
It is now a bunny doll.

An incredible intricate paper cutting Julie made
as a lamp shade.  It turns from the heat of a small bulb.

 Sometimes you need to put paper aside
and draw on fabric.
I then did an outline stitch.

Goin for a wee sail.

there is so much more.....


Shelly said...

All these images just make me,,,,well, Happy!

Your artistic evolution continues to delight and inspire me to try new things too!

(Missed you at Farm Chicks this year! It was a great show, but you can only be in so many places at one time, I know!)

Stop by my blog when you get a minute and Ahem....When and where are we ever going to do lunch? Would love to see you!

Hugs, Love and a Bunny Bus on the Cheek!

The Little Red Shop said...

That is very happy work, indeed!

Cute Bunnies!!!

: )

Julie M.

jenclair said...

How wonderful! Love those bunnies, each and every one!

Brenda said...

EVERYTHING is just too cute!

Kelly said...

I absolutely love love love the pic of the bunnies in the boat! You're so clever the way you made the water!

I also like the bunny drawing on the wall...too funny.

Hugs, Kelly

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Delightful, everything, the boat, the bunnes and the beautiful cushion. love!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Just divine. So sweet esp. graffiti bunny!

Anilegra said...

todo delicado y preciosisimo

Lilika said...

Your bunny pillow is fantastic ! Can't I find it on Etsy ? Thanks..