Birthday day for me.

Yesterday was my Birthday.
I am really not into birthdays.
I don't like to make a big deal about it.
It has always just felt like another day.
But I do like to spend that day with the
people I love the most. All 3 of my kids
had to work that day.  One in Alaska,
One in California and one that made it 
later that night.  But my guy, my
daughter-in-law and grandson 
gave me the best birthday day ever.
Sam just happened to be sprouting 2 new 
molars so he was not up to par.
He tried his very best.
We went to the park, and just 
kinda wandered around the house.
I tried to get his picture.
Here are the results.

1.  Hard time capturing him...even though he
wasn't moving very fast...He moved fast enough
to get out of camera range.
2.  He wouldn't look at me!
3. He hurt, so he cried.  This is just 
one of those moments he did not have
his pacifier or blanket with him.
4. He was so sleepy and had a fever.
But wouldn't sleep.

5. Ouch, my mouth hurts!
6. Grandpa couldn't get him 
to excited about a push in his wagon.

But, every second with this little dumpling is pure
joy....Best Birthday day ever.


Brenda said...

So glad you had a great day. Sam is still hurting today, but not stopping him from shoving things out the kitty door and saying "UHTOoo" all morning. See you soon!

Marilyn said...

A belated birthday! It is always fun to see Sam too.

Marilyn said...

I meant to say Happy belated birthday and sending hugs.