A Nautical Bride

Chris our amazing talented curator of Hutch Studio,
was given a challenge.  To create the Wedding dress
in our Bunnies By The Bay Hareytale story.
Elsie Atterberry, (our gram), mends clothing in her shop
 all day.  She is given the task of making a Wedding dress for 
a desperate bride who's future husband is leaving for the
fishing grounds and they must get married right away.
Gram uses what she has laying about, because no one
has money or materials to spare.

  His project runway
challenged turned out this MASTERPIECE.
Using vintage nautical maps, a bit of wire and glue.
Here is his CREATION.

He has the dress lit from underneath.
Birds are flying from her wire tiara.
  Look at the cutout boat in her train!


sugar Creek said...

wow!! THat is so cool!

Marilyn said...

Amazing and so very creative. LOVE IT

Suzanne Cranston said...

How wonderful... ! I wish I could see it in person... Will you be at the Creative Connection in Minnesota this year? You're cardboard booth was my favorite ! Love your creativity... :)

Kristina T said...