Ohio Country Living show.....

I just got Two big boxes of treasures
sent off to Jen at Earth Angels
for the Country Living show in Ohio.
Here is a sample.
If you are interested
Or go to the Country living show 
In Ohio.
I will be In Atlanta On 
October 21, 22, 23.
Come see me.

These are necklaces. Little bobbles with words.
The pictures are my classmates from Kindergarden.

 Every single little thing has a sign.
Recycled wine corks, needles, button and old 
recipe cards.

This is a bunny I, "whipped together...she is changed though
since I took this picture. I added trinkets instead of the bird.

Cute little bunny with her own ship,
 on a stack of old books.


This is a bucket of buttons I covered in my favorite
stripes...On a vintage card...bunny stamp too.

"Sweet is the simple life..where birds do sing
 and dreams sprout wings."
She comes with her own stand made of Popsicle sticks.

This is a Kitty print on a canvas board.


Marilyn said...

You create the sweetest things.

Marilyn said...
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