This is my Kindergarden class.
I turned 5 in August.
Painfully shy and sensitive.
I peed my pants
(Dress actually)
To afraid to ask to go to 
the bathroom!
 I am the first one in the upper left.
Nice Hair.
I look like a Pilgrim.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Dresses. On the play ground, sitting in a circle, for all things, dresses.
So glad to have my jeans now!
You were cute!

GardenofDaisies said...

OH you were soooo cute!! I truly understand how terrifying that first day was. Do you think maybe we are long lost twins? When we moved to a new school in 2nd grade, I peed on the floor too. I didn't know where the bathroom was and was too shy to ask.

A very sweet little girl in my class saw my predicament and came to my rescue with paper towel to clean up the floor under my chair and show me where the toilets were. She became my best friend for the next 8 years, until another move separated us. We have kept in touch all these years via letters and now e-mail.

Diane said...

Ahhhh....you don't have any idea how much we have in common =) I think it is the TIME we grew up in, albeit nowhere near each other...
I had several "mishaps" in First Grade (we had no kindergarten in our small rural area of Texas), and the teacher laid my panties on the bushed outside the long row of windows of our classroom to dry~Ouch! lol.
I started first grade in 1961, and because I was born on 8/29, I was always the youngest...
Yep, do look a little like a pilgrim, but again, so did I!

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Krys...But what a cute little pilgrim you were...I am so glad that you resolved your timidity problem and you can now go out in public. I for one appreciate it...
Have silly dry dress fun, Jody

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thanks Ladies for all your comments. It really is a small world...that draws like minded people together. You think your the only one who had traumatic childhood drama...like peed pants...come to find out, your not alone.