Takin it to the street

My dude and I recently took a little 
road trip.  Down Hwy 101
Westport WA, to Cannon Beach Oregon...
Then to Portland.
We took the 63 VW....Safari windows open and
chillin on the highway.  It was a blast.
I also wanted to experiment with a VW pop-up store.
Of course I am a pansy ass, law abiding wimp.
So I am nervous...I will get in trouble, I don't have
a permit..I'm going to get a ticket and on and on.

We pull into Cannon Beach..The sun is shining,
people everywhere.  We find an open spot
right in front of an ice cream shop on the main
drag.  I set up...  no one really notices...I'm nervous,
sweating.   Finally a couple walks up, they buy 2
cards and 4 buttons.   Then...I am outta here.
I did it, I made a sale....Let Vamoose.
My dude took this video with an iphone app
called 8mm.
Sorry no sound, a little to advanced for me right now.


Marilyn said...

How fun! I would have stopped by to buy. I think more of this adventurous entrepreneur spirit should be allowed without permits.

gretchen said...

you are so funny, but i would have been scared, too! it certainly is something to think about. i'm sure you remember a certain Seattle area bear lady that would always carry a basket full of her teddies to sell when ever she left the house...?