Home again...Home again, jiggity jig

Whew...that was a whirlwind of activity-fun-work-tears.
I am talking about the Country Living show in Atlanta
at Stone Mountain.
It is so much work and effort to put on the Earth Angels show.
Most of us just fly in and set up.
Jen, Michelle and Sue...drive 16 hours in a u-haul
get there hours before the rest of us, and drive home
after taking down the tent...in the dark.
Is it worth it?
Mmmmm at moments..no
At other moments... yes
The reason I do it?
The amazing customers
The earth angel ladies.
I love each and everyone of them.
Here are just a few pictures.

I love.. love.. love.. her.
Funtown creator and all around smartiepants.
She has created a whole world around her charming
and funny friends.  Her book will be out next year,
and we will all be celebrating it with her.
Now is the time to scoop up your little character from her
before they get too uppity with their fame and celebrity.

My buddy and pal..
Leslie the hooker.
That is world famous rug hooker to you all.
I feel fortunate just to stand in her presence.
She is the funniest person I know...
(besides my sister and Jody)

Ahhh. Michele.
A fashionista, all around workhorse.
Sweet and Gentle
Best hugger in the world.
Marie and Melody...
Energy...sweetness, honesty, talent
I could go on and on.
Love them.
And I am not forgetting
Jennifer 1 and 2, Sue, Debbie, Linda,
Roseanna, Letty, and our fearless
leader Jen.
Without her...none of this would be possible.

Here we are at the end, in the dark tearing down the booth.

Oh, my and last but not least.
The Country Living show itself
amazing, quality, classes, entertainment, food.
And Stone Mountain was breathtakingly beautiful.
I did not talk to a single person who did not have
a good time.   

And speaking of all the wonderful people
who attended the event.  They were, nice,
complimentary, appreciative, and fun to 
talk to.  Thank-you for supporting all the
artists and vendors of County Living.
We live to create, and you allow us to do that.

Happy Fall everyone.
See you in sunny Tustin in 6 weeks.

And for any of you who wish to purchase
art from any of the talented ladies above.
 you can visit here.


l.wilks11 said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at your Country Living Fare. Check out my post on Pumpkin soup.....xx

Marilyn said...

Oh I would love to attend this event sometime. I know I would just love it. In the meantime I will go visiting the links.

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Krys...Thank you for including me in your latest post...in profile...which is much appreciated. I am going to take my power vitamins to keep up all of you next year at the rodeo.
Have silly "back to normal" fun, Jody, the Torpedo

calicodaisy said...

Hi Krys: I met you last week at the County Living Fair - Atlanta. I had such a great time, and the weather was gorgeous. It was so fun to see Earth Angels in person after reading about the individual vendors for years. Hope you are rested up now after the trip. This weekend in the South, it is wet and chilly. Last weekend was just perfect for the event. -- Michele