One of my favorites

This is Toots Red Boots.
She is a prototype made by me
for our last line of bunnies.
The line never got produced.
And her boots are vintage.

I took a silk flower making class in San Francisco.
So here is some of that handiwork adapted to 
Her straw hat.

I embroidered this little ladybug leaving a trail.

 Close-up of french ribbon flowers and buds.

 Cutest little red vintage rubber boots.
They fit her mohair feet perfectly.

Too much stompin!
Toots Red Boots pops a button every time
it rains- please repair my collar...
and when it rains, holler-holler at her!

This is a new tag we made.  Grams
mending shop, fixes all the bunnies
tears and wipes up the tears.
She is for sale, call Cory 
in our retail shop for details.


Marilyn said...

She is a cutie pie!

l.wilks11 said...

Those red boots reminded me of when my son was small. He was given a paddington bear with red boots for Christmas As his feet were the same size he wore the boots until he outgrew them. My son is now 35 and still has the bear complete with boots...
Thankyou for your helpful comments......xx

Deb Kennedy said...

Oh, Krys, she is so SWEET!

This reminds me of the many sweet bunnies we saw at 'the bunny factory' over the years! My daughter Bethany was in love with them ALL, and loved creating her own unique creations from the tidbits she'd buy at your annual sales.

kaileesteven01 said...

Really she looks so cute. Those red boots reminded of my childhood days. All these are unique creations.

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