Still Busy

I am still busy.
I love making snowmen.

This is an 8x8
New style,
collaged, brighter, I like it.


I like this one, because it's funny.
Don't you love to tease your sister.
I do.

What is funny about this...
is my sister is my mom's 
favorite.  It's o.k.
she is a lovely person and
easy to love.  I am a pain in the
ass...I am embracing it!!!!

Little detail on the top.
I like it.
And mean it...really.


l.wilks11 said...

I just love this post. so many lovely things you have made....xx

Marilyn said...

Funny, but my sister always thought I was the favorite. She was sure a stinker at times about it and would tell people she was adopted.

kaileesteven01 said...

Well, I like the post. All the cards are very beautiful. And I think it is perfect card to be given to sister. I also love snow man. It is so cute!

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