Planting and Playing

It has been a planting and playing weekend.
We had a Sam sleepover.
He will be 2 on May 15th.
Just to show you how smart he is
he can eat chips and sing
twinkle twinkle little star at the same time.

We are dabbling into gardening.
A few raspberry bushes, tomatoes,
herbs and beans.

We have our bean poles up,
and herbs in pots.

Here is our courtyard.
Sam loves sitting in the chairs
and playing in the pond.

Entry looking from the

We planted tomatoes
in the backyard.
Up against our stucco wall that gets
the most sun.


Shell said...

You've been busy! Stopped in Hutch yesterday, literally for Minutes, on my way home from Island Chicks,,show was great fun!

Those gals are the BEST! You're right!

"Hop" on over if you want to see a FEW pics,,I'm hoping a couple people will link soon!

Sorry I missed you, but glad you had fun! Off to Joyworks!

Love and Hugs,

Mama Knows Her Cocktails said...

Your courtyard is stunning! We got asparagus starts and a few seeds planted this weekend. It was a great weekend to be outside.

Marilyn said...

Sam is such a cutie.
Love seeing the garden and plantings.