Instagram moments

I was walking the other day.
I found all of these balls.
It was windy and the tide was coming
in.  So I collected them, and left for 
all those dogs who will return to the park
looking for their ball...or any ball.

When I picked up my sister the other day,
I took this picture of her courtyard.
Welcome summer.


Marilyn said...

How fun to leave the balls for the dogs to come and play. Lovely photo of your sister's yard.

Shell said...


That is one of my dreams- to have a Beach where my doggies can run and play! I feel bad that we live in town..and NOW they've "closed" the lake to dogs here in Snohomish,,I hope those beach dogs KNOW how good they've got it!

You are cute to save the balls!

Miss you! Hope we connect one of these days! Big Hugs,