Week in Review

What a Week.
We returned from Vegas...to a full agenda.
Our trip was great, we met with our new UK licensors, our
Book Licensors out of Australia. And many more potentials.
We came home to get ready for all the above people who 
will visit us in July.  So I have been cleaning and organizing.
Sixteen hour days.  I haven't even looked at my computer.
So here are a few photos of that blur of a week.

My two best friends, partners, sisters.

Took this for Sam.
He loves Batman.

We are a little island in the storm.
Next to a full wall of 20 foot marvel comic
characters, Mattel, Disney and Pixar
We are tiny...but sweet.

And I returned to Sam.
Gram-pa picked him up that morning,
So he was waiting for me when I walked 
through the door.  

I am not a Vegas kind of gal.  We stayed at the Mandalay Bay...
It is so huge, noisy and glittery.  I got lost just looking for 
coffee.  Had to get help to find my way out of the hotel.
The last day I discovered The Four Season's which is 
connected to the Mandalay.  No casino, quiet, peaceful.
Next time I want to stay there.
It's good to be home.


Marilyn said...

Welcome Home! Oh how Sam is growing. I know Mandalay Bay, it is huge and noisy. The Four Seasons has a lovely afternoon tea, which is a soft, quiet delight.

Brenda said...

Great pics!