Heading for Vegas

We three of BBTB are heading to
Sin City...to the Licensing show.
Bunnies has a handful of licenses now.
Looking for more.  For any of you in business.
Here is what we have learned so far.
It takes a lot, lot, lot, lot longer than you 
can imagine to generate any $ from licensing.
It cost a fortune to have agents represent you.
For example we are paying 7500.00 at this show
just for a banner. Not every license works out.
You have to learn to let go. 
 Licensing is not even the same
game it was a few years ago.  You need more than
product to license.  You need a brand, a recognizable
identity.  This has taken us 26 years to develop.
On that happy note.  Here are a few pictures
I took showing some of our new items for

O.K.  see ya later
Won't be back until next week.  


Unknown said...

With your new designs and your great story I am sure that you three BBTB girls will kick some licensing booty in sin city. Have a great time. To quote Oscar Wilde,in Lady Windermere's Fan "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes."

Marilyn said...

Good luck with the licensing venture in Vegas. Vegas always seems like a strange place for shows, but it seems to work. I have enjoyed many tea shows there. Love the new products, especially the ones in the last picture.