You read about this stuff, but when it happens to
you or a friend it sucks.  My co-worker Chris
is the most talented person I know.  He can create
anything.  He is by trade a Ceramic Artist.  Well,
a few years ago we started using cardboard as a 
medium.  He came up with a costume for halloween
called Cardboard Man.  He and his wife are also
great photographers, and they took these pictures.
You can go to his website and see more.
And also to Hutch Studio to see his handiwork.

Well an Italian Company is using his image as
the header of their catalog which is posted on the web.

What do you do? Any suggestions on how to 
proceed?  It would have been great if they would have
asked.  Even a photo or creative credit would
have been good advertising for his talents, but to steal
that is just wrong.


Shell said...


I'm no expert, but did he have copyright info on his website?

I'd have him contact the State Attorney General and get their take on it,,at least they can point you in the proper direction if he decides to pursue,,,,,and their advice at least will be FREE!

What a Scam! We could also start sending the publisher nasty letters!


Marilyn said...

I have heard of this happening to another, can't remember who right now. How awful, I must say! I would definitely contact them and tell them to remove the photo. I think that is what happened in the previous story. Yes, I would sign with you on a letter too.

beth said...

I had a similar thig happen last year. A paint company put an image of my boatshed in amagazine and claimed that someone else lived there. I thin your friend should contact the people who used the photo. He may not get any compensation but at least he will have let them know how he feels. In my case I was given some free images as compensation.
Beth x