Sam and his binkie

Momma and I were cracking up yesterday
about Sam and his binkie

He has multiples of these around the house.  The funny thing
is... it is a binkie for a newborn...0-3 mo.  He is 2.  But he is
so attached to it.  And with a new sister coming soon, you
can't traumatize him now by taking it away.  Maybe he will
offer it to his new sister?  He is such a funny little guy.


l.wilks11 said...

Oh what a little darling, so comical and a typical 2 year old.
My 35 year old son does spoil me when he can, but i am afraid that with three other women in his life, a wife and two small daughters, its not very often, but i still love him dearly. Lovely to hear from you and i just love your blog.......xx

Marilyn said...

That Sam of yours is very funny, yes he is.

Shell said...

I love it! Super Sam! Able to suck Binkies in a single Suck!

Don't sweat it,,,,,they give them up when ready....My oldest (now 30,,,yikes!) Told me that he was going to leave it for the Garbage man.....he ceremoniously held it over the can and dropped it in! I thought I was going to be ill,,,,he did fine.

I think you could work this into your art somehow though! ...Maybe a little "super" book!

Hugs and Love,