Every pregnant woman's dream, is to not
go over your due date...a little early is better.
Our little Sydnee arrived 12 days early.
My daughter- in -law's water broke, she was happy
but also pretty much in shock the whole day.
My son was in Alaska, he went immediately to the
Dutch Harbor airport and waited on standby.
I was so fortunate to watch the birth, and video tape and 
Aunt Melissa held the phone so my son could be part of the whole 
grand event.  She checked in at 11:00 had an epidural. She
went into labor around 4:30 and 15 minutes later....our little
Sydnee Bean Kirkpatrick arrived.
She went to mama's breast and nursed for 2 hours.
She didn't even get cleaned up or weighted until later.
The most memorable experience of my life.
Other than Sam being born, which we didn't see
him until he was an hour old.  Amazing and life 
affirming.  Born on friday, July 27th.

Here she is on Sunday.
They came and hung out at Grammy's and Grampa's.

Everyone was exhausted.  Including mom and dad.
Sam...not really happy about sharing his mama.
Oh well...in time I am sure he will be the best brother in
the world.

By the way...favorite shirt which is pajama bottoms.
Want's to wear to "bumblebee's", everyday...


rkbsnana said...

Wow! What a special event. Congratulations. She is a beauty.

Jody Battaglia said...

Hip-Hip Hooray! I am so happy for you and your happy family....

Shell said...

Ohhhh Krys! Congrats! She is gorgeous!! Bet you're doing the Happy Grandma Dance!!!


Marilyn said...

So exciting! How wonderful to be there for the birth. Savor each moment, as I know you are. That last picture is so sweet. Love her name too.

Mandy Holliday said...

Congrats, Krys! She is beautiful!