Super Hero

Sam is so into Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman it's crazy.  
He has the action figures and just packs them around in his 
backpack.  He calls them good guys and bad guys.
And as a good 2 year old he likes to chew on their capes.
So I found these online.

This is in the morning, he is wearing them with his pajamas,
along with his bunny and blankie and BINKIE of course.
He wasn't feeling all that great.  We watched Shrek, Toy Story
and Finding Nemo.  The binkie never came out, food never went in
and the shoes didn't come off.

Here he is in Spiderman shirt.  Batman in hand. Shoes on.
Binkie in.  He is at that repeat and repeat stage.
"Where blue batman go?"
He said this a few times, he would hide him and then
we would have to search for him.

Getting so big!!!  He is going to be a big brother in 5 weeks.
Baby sister I hope you like super heros.


GardenGirl said...

ok, you win for sweetest post...

love it!
deb <3

Brenda said...

This post had me grining from ear to ear. His new shoes are the coolest. He says Grammy is "super cool"...I agree.

5 weeks until baby sister is here...so excited to bear the new adventures with you and Grand-pa.


Marilyn said...

I hope he is feeling better soon. I always loved watching the different stages my children went through and now can't wait for my little grandson to come along and enjoy. Your little Sam is so precious. Love the shoes too.