We have a new store.

It's seems like that is all I ever say.
But there is a lot going on.
And it's summer...our good weather
has finally arrived.  So I have added
exercise to my already busy schedule.
Blogging has taken a back seat.
I'd rather be outside!

We have a new Bunnies By The Bay Store
 I was busy last week opening a new store.
We now have a bunny store in downtown
 Laconner on Front street.  

We set up and opened in 2 days.  Little tweeks still needed, but yep we did it.
Come by for a visit.
We still have Hutch Studio up on Morris.
New classes....check us out on facebook.


Jody Battaglia said...

Oh how I would love to come and shop at your store. You never see fun stores like we used to. Best Wishes and Happiness on your new venture...Jody

Marilyn said...

Wonderful! Congratulations! Hope to come by one day, not sure when.