This little beagle of my sisters
is our wandering garbage hound
at bunnies.  She does a garbage tipping
ritual after everyone leaves at night. 
She has been known to snatch a brownie,
a full sandwich...a plate of cookies...a donut...
a half a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough...
need I go on?  And she has gotten really sick doing 
these things.  
Anyway the other day she ate a bag of...
 Dried apple slices.  Of course my sister 
doesn't know until she starts howling and crying
because her tummy hurts and the 3rd or 4th trip outside
in the middle of the night.  The next day is the investigation
and she can usually track down what she has ingested.
I wish I had taken a picture.  
Her belly was so bloated...
But...in true beagle form...She would want outside...she would 
puke and then when you yell at her to stop eating her own
puke she would gobble it even faster... and then moan....
My sister had the thought...I guess I shouldn't have given
her so much 




These little birds hung out on our balcony.
I was at the computer in our beach bungalow
 Mr. E was on the deck reading...I heard 
the birds and they were
chirp...chirp...chirping away...
I looked down and they were at my feet!
We had left the door open and they just hopped in.
They just as easily hopped out though...as if to say,...
 yes, we have done this before.  So I did reward them with
some sunflower seeds...hence 7 birds now instead
of the 2 that came for a visit.

I look a little goofy here...but out of 7 shots
this is the best one... 
 I am drawing on the beach.
  My new passion.
 I am attempting to teach myself with the book and workbook,
 "Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain".

I have been informed that Mr. E would like to remain
anonymous.  Not all of us want to be facebookers and 
promote ourselves and have everyone know us.  So the paparazzi
shots at my house are now edited...It lends itself a little air of 
mystery.  So under this sombrero is a mysteriously cool dude.... take my
word for it.  
Here is our super nerdy umbrella we got at the 
Maui Salvation Army for $6.00.  
Every time we go to Hawaii, we buy chairs and umbrellas
 and then just leave them.  So we thought, lets check out the,"SA" and see if other people do the same thing.
   They do...So we scored on the above umbrella, a 50c paperback and a wooden cutting board for a dollar.
This really unsightly umbrella...has about 12 jungle animals on 
it.  we made this discovery after looking up at it for 2 weeks.  It was 
like, "where's Waldo".  It kept us quite entertained.
  "Another beer honey?"


These girls are having fun...
have not seen any balloon gazing
offered here as an activity...

Shadow of our true nature...

Here is our new path...it goes toward 
kihei...We can walk to the star store...
and get a few groceries


raining sideways...
already sunny
and kids in the pool

Sitting on the beach yesterday
the waves were so high
we had to move 3x
in the end still got soaked

We are in Maui
When I left kirkland it was cold
icy and more snow on the way

Here is the view from our room.
It is heaven just to relax...play cards
walk to whalers village and have
lunch...read a book...float around in the ocean...hear
the whales...it is like comming home


This is what started me on my creative frenzy.
I made a book for Jeanne
for her 10th anniversary 

I had a very old photo album made
of leather...I dismantled it and 
used the front and back.
I  had another old chinese poetry book
I glued pages together to make
them sturdy.
The front is covered in a waxed parchment
separated into squares by bamboo
I also had this very old chinese box
that made the perfect wrapping.

The front has a little leather coin purse
and a silk handmade napkin holder that
is crochet rings with a bow.
And a soldered copper charm and 
a silver bunny earring I took apart...

Inside front cover...her artwork in the middle

Inside the leather pouch is a charm...
"yes we can"

On a "Quaker Relief" stamp 
her picture...and red thread

This was a black and white photo copy
of BBTB logo...I water colored
 and covered in wax

Here is a hand colored picture of 
...Bunny Crew...

Everyone wrote a short essay on what they 

I made a page of the person
 and their essay...
Here is Suzanne and Bea

Here is Cory's page

I cut out a running bunny on each page

...little bits of thought...

...a copy of the famous letter
sent to us 10 years ago...

This is the last page.  
I cut out 2 drawers.
One holds a necklace on a red string
the other holds 10 candles

This labour of love... opened the flood gates...
to what was to follow...
up around 4:00 in the morning and work till 9:00ish
Go to work
Then come home and make stuff until 11:00ish.
You know when you just...need to keep at it.

 a new palette...

...it is all hand dyed and coffee dipped.
So it has a vintage feel.

I cut out hundreds of paper shapes and painted and stitched
stamped and tweeked.  So many I put them in
 little cupcake liners
just to keep it semi organized.

Since I took over my whole house it works
great to use my kitchen counters for painting...dying

I used my toaster oven...real oven and a heat gun
to dry all the papers and ribbons.


Chick Chick

Here are things I have been making. 

  This is just a little picture of a chick....

 I crimped some japanese lettered paper...dyed
rayon ribbon and a little glitter here and there.  

This is a little peat pot..
I covered in paper...filled with plaster and made
my own garland to fill the top.
It has a hand colored little baby 
with bunny ears and butterfly wings
sitting a top a paper bouquet. 

This is a one of a kind fabric mushroom...
I hand sewed...painted, and covered in wax.
Little butterflies are attached with wire.

Cute little chick on a small wood base 
with wired paper butterflies and dyed silk ribbon...

Small picture with a wire hanger
crimped paper...baby with bunny ears...
 with wax.  


faded elegance

faded elegance.

This is a small wood piece...covered in 
paper that I painted. The picture of the
 two bunny girls
are hand colored.  It has hemp thread
old buttons and I coated in wax

This is a very sweet picture of a girl gazing at
a butterfly.  I made the paper fringe...crimped
glittered...hand painted and wax coated

A garland
 of paper creations...wire...ribbons...wood...wax

A charm
 I soldered and attached to frame
of fringed paper and paper framed border...

I sewed this little bird in muslin... then painted her
with pink dots.
She sits on a canvas box...trimmed in paper garland
A fabric covered wired frame with paper flowers