Creative connection fun

Here are a couple of pictures from the 
creative connection show.
We really had a great time.


Sam and daddynanny

A great picture of my son Tyler...aka...Daddynanny 
and baby Sam.
Do you not just want to kiss the
bejesus out of the little bald guy.
Grammy can't wait to see 
you on Saturday for a sleepover.

On the Road...still

I just finished the Country Living show here in
Columbus Ohio.  Whew!  What a whirlwind.
I met some of the coolest, kindest, funniest women
to date, (besides my girls at home.)  I just
kept saying to myself,
 "I have met my tribe."
We are all on the same creative journey...we
get where we come from and where we want
to go.  And the ride we are on is so splendid
and fulfilling.

When I left home I forgot my phone charger.
And now I see I forgot to bring my cord to
Starbucks here in Columbus to upload my
pictures off my new IPhone 4.  So I can't 
do that until tomorrow... I leave for 
Jacksonville Florida in a couple of hours.
(that is another story)
So I took a visit...to Hutch Studio Facebook land.
Look at these very groovy pictures from our
amazing Chris Theiss....
This last picture is what Chris and
I are doing with Hutch.  Promote it
and show people just how unique it is.
Thanks Chris for more inspiration.


on the road

I am in Columbus Ohio to 
do the Country living show.
Sitting at Starbucks for the
fee Internet.
Here is some art I whipped 
up in my 2 days at home to
bring here.  

I am excited.  Jen is great...such enthusiasm
We leave to set up in about 20 minutes...
So I gotta go.  



We have just finished the creative connections event.
In my opinion it was an overwhelming success.
It is not about the money that you get by selling our
wares...it is about connecting with this talented
band of women, who are willing to help each other.
Jo and Nancy our hosts...Thank-you for being the
 beautiful, kind, generous
and authentic spirits that you are.

It was a show that lived up to it's title.
I felt connected.
Connected to the women that attended,
the vendors, volunteers, Judy the UPS
Lady...I would like to call out Darla who 
put up with my phone calls and pestering.

But most of all....I want to thank my
beautiful and generous daughter-in-law, Brenda.
I was the social butterfly...she did all the work.
When I did show up at the booth, everyone I met
told me how charming, kind, darling and helpful she was.
Bren...you are my daughter and I love you.
And look how organized....keeping track of business cards for me.
I am so humbled by the women who 
bought my little pictures. 
  To all of you...the etsy
girls....my neighborhood girls....
my blogging buddies I finally met....the 
ladies who bought, those who heaped
compliments on my little cardboard booth
and Jen, (you girlie.... are an earth angle.)
I love you all.


Yep this is my story

my story

And she will be there too

Another Amazing woman
at the creative connections show
Amy butler is a successful fabric and pattern
 designer. Book writer and pattern  and fashionista.

Whoa look at all these ladies

Ree Drummond is the keynote
speaker at the event
She is a farm girl from
Oklahoma that has written
a bestselling cookbook.
Her blog is amazing and 
she is a great writer and
this exert is off of her site on amazon.

gettin on a jet plane leavin my baby behind

It is down to the wire.
Leaving for the creative connections
show in Minnesota tomorrow.
I don't know about other
crafty people but I get more 
creative towards the end of 
the journey...which leads to
frenzy, chaos and a mess,
since I run out of time.

 I had a little break on Saturday.
A visit from my favorite boy
 Sam will be 3 months old tomorrow.
Some big changes...the head is less wobbly
and he giggles.  This boy is ticklish and
he can giggle like no tomorrow.
My daughter-in-law volunteered to
come help me at the show.  So we are
Sam with Daddy-Nanny....

This picture is a couple of
weeks old.  Right after he had
gotten home from Alaska. The facial
 hair is  gone and he is much perkier.
According to my son he now leaves
mom in the dust when it comes to
changing a diaper.
See...daddy has stepped up to the plate
with his little man.  Sam thinks he is oh
so funny....daddy.


Trash to treasure

I have never been one to celebrate my birthday.
I just don't need all that attention like I did 
when I was two.  I don't need anything and
I don't want my kids to spend there money on
getting me something.  My guy is a gem...he
doesn't really follow holidays.  He thinks if 
you need a holiday, (like valentines day) to show
someone you love them...what the heck are you doing
those other 364 days in the year.  So I really never
know what to expect.  One year I will get a trip to
Italy...the next year zippo.
Well this year for my B day he went all out
and I love it.
He knows I am in a recycling frame of mind.
So he rescued this part from a dumpster.
Now this is not just any dumpster but..
at Dale Chihully's studio. ( Did I mention
my guy is a photographer?) He had been
shooting there for a week and found this.
It is the inside of an industrial vacuum cleaner.
It is so cool.  After 13 years he still knows how
to charm me.

as a footnote I
did receive this from my
bunny sister Jeanne
I love it.  I love her art.  There is just something
that is in a piece of art, a part of that person.
That is why I guess I make things because I want
to give a part of myself away.  Well anyway,
this is a part of Jeanne and I will treasure it always.

And from my other sister
And here I will quote
"I thought this would be the best thing to
give for a sore and tired old crafter."
She has the gift of wit...

Oh and from another bunny sister Dana
A beautiful wooden bowl made by
her kind and generous hubby....
He found the one with the most
"unusual characteristics".  They know
me so well.
Thank-you all!
I will take a picture of it and post.
It sits right by our beautiful Buddha.
All in all a happy 55!

burning the midnight oil

I was tinkering away in my 
makeshift studio in the garage this
 weekend.  Here is a peek of more
things for the show.
 And what does your soul look like?
 A small collage of cardboard and bits and pieces.
 I made this from an empty roll of packing tape.

This is just a round wool ball made from a couple of old sweaters.

rubber stamp chaos

I must have 7 sets of alphabet stamps.
But...can never find an A or an E.
So I organized them.  I have 7---Z's
I have 1---H.  How does that happen?
I think someone should invent a way
to keep the things organized.  
Each row is one letter.  So you can see...
I have bought a few sets.  The clusters in the
back...all the extra stuff you never use, hearts...
And of course now it is a mess again because
 I transported it from Kirkland to Anacortes.


Bunny sista

I visited my Bunny Sista's 
blog this morning.
She posted a picture of 
Dr. Ester Chin.  This is an idea
we threw around a few years ago.
All three of us are going through 
Menopause...we thought Dr. Chin
would be a great idea for a card line
about this challenging time of life.
I love her.  Her helper is 
a chicken.  And when she
thinks she pull on the hair 
from the mole on her chinny chin chin.

finding things

I seem to spend a lot of 
time looking for things.
I spent all day friday cleaning
my mess. 
This picture was in my
collection of over 6000 pictures 
I have on my computer.
I have a file of images, put into
categories.  Then I have a file
of images that need to be categorized.
Guess which file is larger.
I looked and looked for this picture 
the other day.
Finally found it 3 days later.
I love it.
It fits my theme of the 
creative connections booth.
Birds and nests.
 and owls of course.


It takes a mess to make a statement

I got the booth for Creative Connections
shipped yesterday.  
What a mess...I started cleaning
at 1:00, went until 7:00
and I have to finish today. 
Ready for round two...all
the things I didn't get done that
I will take with me on the plane.

Here are a few... I did get finished.

Back to the workshop.