beach house for sale

We took some new pictures of my house.
Anyone interested in buying a 
beach house?

Officially listed with John L Scott in Anacortes


happy holiday

Recently I posted about special times spent
on Guemes Island at our friends cabin.
Here are 2 pictures I found recently.
One thing I noticed....
I had a tendency to pick up beer bottles
when someone points a camera 
at me.
My sister and I with our uncle.
enjoying the beach on 
Guemes Island.

 Here is my cousin Tod on that carved whale I talked about.

Summer please come soon!


Go Ben!

My bunny sisters baby boy 
is graduating from High School.
I don't think Ben reads my blog
so I will show you his card.
On his way to Western Washington University in the fall.
A kind, a gentle soul.  The world is very lucky to have him.


Hutch stuff

Inspired by Chris's iphone photo
of his Hutch progress...I snapped
a few quick photos of just a few
of the things I am working on here...
... a little notebook with it's own bag,
toddler knit sailor dress...
 a bag of jacks with button...
big pillows.
and oh so much more.
all In the shop 
mid June.
Pop over to 
Hutch facebook and see 
what Chris is working on...


guess who's one.

My little pumpkin is
 Granny is showing him one of 4 vehicles he got...insane!
 He likes sugar. But ended up playing with the
 plastic plate the cake came on.
Red is his color!

new tricks,
Walking...close to running
discovered lungs....yelling just for fun
shutting doors, cupboards, drawers
pushing buttons...especially phone.
Takes away his cousins apple juice
throws and kicks balls.


at the beach

I have been kinda busy.
Getting Hutch ready for V.I.P.'s 
coming in June.
Getting my beach house ready 
for sale.
  I am officially listing it
as of today.
So we have been tweeking it.

But also,
enjoying it.
The other night we snacked 
on these...thanks to Rick the 
shrimp catcher.
Caught that day. 
Broiled and served with
browned butter, a few chili flakes,
salt and pepper.
Better than lobster or crab.

Strawberries not local,

but pretty good.

And we ate around this.
One of the benefits of a cold May.
We need to build a good fire to stay warm.


busy as a bee

I am as busy as a bee
Painting for HUTCH.

These will be buttons.
this is today

You like that little flash dot on the pictures?
ARGGGG....nothing is perfect.
We embrace that motto!


Art for sale

...Go here...

To see
 for sale

or pop into Hutch Studio
some there too.

Happy May 1st.