Every pregnant woman's dream, is to not
go over your due date...a little early is better.
Our little Sydnee arrived 12 days early.
My daughter- in -law's water broke, she was happy
but also pretty much in shock the whole day.
My son was in Alaska, he went immediately to the
Dutch Harbor airport and waited on standby.
I was so fortunate to watch the birth, and video tape and 
Aunt Melissa held the phone so my son could be part of the whole 
grand event.  She checked in at 11:00 had an epidural. She
went into labor around 4:30 and 15 minutes later....our little
Sydnee Bean Kirkpatrick arrived.
She went to mama's breast and nursed for 2 hours.
She didn't even get cleaned up or weighted until later.
The most memorable experience of my life.
Other than Sam being born, which we didn't see
him until he was an hour old.  Amazing and life 
affirming.  Born on friday, July 27th.

Here she is on Sunday.
They came and hung out at Grammy's and Grampa's.

Everyone was exhausted.  Including mom and dad.
Sam...not really happy about sharing his mama.
Oh well...in time I am sure he will be the best brother in
the world.

By the way...favorite shirt which is pajama bottoms.
Want's to wear to "bumblebee's", everyday...


Sam and his binkie

Momma and I were cracking up yesterday
about Sam and his binkie

He has multiples of these around the house.  The funny thing
is... it is a binkie for a newborn...0-3 mo.  He is 2.  But he is
so attached to it.  And with a new sister coming soon, you
can't traumatize him now by taking it away.  Maybe he will
offer it to his new sister?  He is such a funny little guy.

Cardboard mobile

Chris made this...
Birds, bunnies and carrots.
It hangs in our bunny room
at Hutch.


I made this today for some friends 
that just had a baby girl.
A little duck, and a picture
of the ...duck.

And this is the card.

Jeanne told me once that making a gift for
someone in mind, makes it easier to get 
creative.  Well...since I made this little duck
I have made 3 more, a bird and a bunny.
And I always make mistakes, always.
When I made the bunny.  I looked at it and
thought something isn't right. I had put wings
on it!  Jeez.  I also forgot to put the legs on
the birds, so had to go back and stitch on by hand.
Lovin it.  But not the mess.
Tomorrow is friday...pick it up off 
the floor day.



These are a few pictures I took
this week.  
This red door caught my eye.
Love it!  A cool house in Laconner.

We went to a friends birthday.  They have 4 kids
and 70 Animals.  Very cool place in Carnation.
Here is a cranky rooster.  Love the hen house.

Spidey Sam.  He has now entered the terrible two's.
Insisted on putting the underwear outside the costume.
Having quite a few meltdowns.  If he can't have his favorite shirt...
for the 3rd day in a row.  If he drops his toys, if you call a good guy a
bad guy and he disagrees.  Everything is NO,NO,NO!
Still cute though.  And when he isn't flailing himself around,
he is dancing, running, jumping and laughing.  Sounds kinda
like menopause symptoms.


We have a new store.

It's seems like that is all I ever say.
But there is a lot going on.
And it's summer...our good weather
has finally arrived.  So I have added
exercise to my already busy schedule.
Blogging has taken a back seat.
I'd rather be outside!

We have a new Bunnies By The Bay Store
 I was busy last week opening a new store.
We now have a bunny store in downtown
 Laconner on Front street.  

We set up and opened in 2 days.  Little tweeks still needed, but yep we did it.
Come by for a visit.
We still have Hutch Studio up on Morris.
New classes....check us out on facebook.


Super Hero

Sam is so into Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman it's crazy.  
He has the action figures and just packs them around in his 
backpack.  He calls them good guys and bad guys.
And as a good 2 year old he likes to chew on their capes.
So I found these online.

This is in the morning, he is wearing them with his pajamas,
along with his bunny and blankie and BINKIE of course.
He wasn't feeling all that great.  We watched Shrek, Toy Story
and Finding Nemo.  The binkie never came out, food never went in
and the shoes didn't come off.

Here he is in Spiderman shirt.  Batman in hand. Shoes on.
Binkie in.  He is at that repeat and repeat stage.
"Where blue batman go?"
He said this a few times, he would hide him and then
we would have to search for him.

Getting so big!!!  He is going to be a big brother in 5 weeks.
Baby sister I hope you like super heros.