Willie Wonka in cardboard

This is Chris.
He is the curator of Hutch Studio.
I am thinking Willie Wonka
in a recycling mode.
His halloween costumes are always
Can't wait to see what he comes up with for
his little boy Sayer.

get creative

While packing for the show in
Atlanta, I neglected to take any
jewelry with me.  I took jewelry
to sell...but none that I wear all 
the time.
I did bring a strip of old satin that
I had ripped off of a wool blanket...
an old key and some buttons.
I made this.
(ignore the glass necklace, that is one I had for sale.)
I braided the torn strips of satin...made a flower from
grey knit  I had cut off my pants that were to long.
Hung an old key from the other side, (that you can't 
see.)   It was pretty fun....
A woman I met...told me this saying....
Here is a sign in an Anthropology store
I found yesterday on the web.
We had to bundled up in 5 layers of clothing,
because it was 40 some degrees in the morning.
By afternoon it was in the 70's.  Beautiful
weather and such a magical setting.
This is a true representation of how I felt
to be there....


Country living at Stone Mountain

Home again...
 Home again...
jiggedy jig

It has been a busy 
couple of months.
Creative Connections in Minnesota,
A quick trip to Jacksonville Florida,
Country living in Ohio
and finally Atlanta.

I got home last night
from the Country Living Show in Atlanta.
I love my EarthAngel buddies.
Such a sap, I cried like
a menopausal woman when we
all went our separate ways.
I wish I had taken more pictures.

Here is the view from my room in Stone Mountain.
 Here is the setting for most of the vendors.
It felt like a camping trip.
 Look at the color of this wool.
 More meandering trails and happy shopping.
 Sisters...they were so, so lovely and kind.
This is one reason artists put themselves out into
the universe....and the gift of art itself...to connect
with others.  
 My buddies...I love these two beautiful ladies.
Jody and Leslie.
Kind, generous and most importantly
they had me on the floor laughing until
I cried.   
 Sweet, supportive, kind and adorable
Michele and Jennifer.
 Our fearless leader. 
Bossy, bold, beautiful
gentle, kind, supportive
Laurie, Sue, Melody, Letty, Debbee
Nicole, Dana
You are fun and so generous with
your time and willingness to help.
Thank-you Country Living Magazine
for such an amazing event


busy as a bee

I am getting ready
for the Country Living show
in Atlanta... 
October 22-24

These are ready to be framed.
So a lot in the process...nothing finished.


Anthropology inspiration

The main reason I go to Anthropology
is for their displays.
Here is a site that shows
some great shots.

Oh baby lets check out some blogs.

Figured out how to use the 
camera on my computer.
Here we are


Itsy bitsy spider...dadada

It had been three weeks since
I had seen SAM.  In that time
he can rollover, grab and
play with toys.  His cheeks are
fuller and his little body is filling out 
too.  He giggles and is so inquisitive.
Drinking his bottle he swivels his head
so he can see what is going on all the time.
We had an overnight visit.  When mom
and Dad left...he cried for an hour.  I 
stayed calm.  We bounced and rocked and walked
and I got my granny aerobics in.
  The payoff... to all his lung exercises...
He slept 10 straight hours! But...he was
so well rested,
The next day....he slept maybe 30 minutes
all day. 
 We sang and read books.
Let's see my version of 
 The itsy bitsy spider went 
up the water spout...
down came the rain
that washed the spider out
.the spider won't do that again.

I need to brush up on my baby poetry.
Or better yet...time to come up with some 
new ones. Just so it won't drive you
 crazy here are the lyrics...
And my baby had a birthday
yesterday.   She is 25....still
cute as a dumpling.


O.K. it's October

I found this last year on a blog
and thought it was so cool.
I want to make it.
I like a Halloween that makes you
laugh....not creepy, bloody and scary.
But then again....
I got caught up in the whole artist expression
in Ohio.  Just when you think Country is dead
it rears it's tattered, rusty head.
Yes there were those icky smelling candles,
But...also yummy pumpkin bread.
I am just a recycled shrimp here.
Sweater and purse all repurposed.
My kids thought I looked cute,
David thought....ummmmm not so good.
The Earth Angel girls are very fashionable.
They dress like their art.  I definitely need
to upgrade my wardrobe.  I think losing
a few, pumpkin bar created pounds would help.
 Jennifer Lanne....a doll, nice and so talented.
Jody Battaglia..adorable and funny.

 Melody Elizabeth  a walking testimony to her art...so cool 
 Here we are...I am the one with the carrot tattoo.
 Here are some fashionistas at the show.

I am up earlier than the birds

Two weeks on the road.
Creative Connections in Minneapolis MN
Country living show in Columbus Ohio
Natural life meeting in Jacksonville Florida.
I am tired.
And also up at 2:00 a.m.
Still on East Coast Time.

I got home from Florida yesterday.
I had a great meeting with the girls
of Natural Life.  This is an amazingly
successful company.  Patti has the talent
for knowing what women like.  She makes
great gift items, that have meaning and heart.
Hutch Studio and Natural life are
working on a joint venture.
Isn't it funny how people meet and come
together and where things lead to?
I think if we keep our eyes open and 
are grateful for all that this life has to offer us...
more and more amazing adventures come our way.

  I think a Natural life is one that is lived 
authentically and with appreciation for 
being able to connect with other free spirits.