Besides carving,
I am also sketching.
These are tiny...
about 3 inches.

I am getting ready Our big bunny sale,
next Saturday...November 5th
I think I'll put a little display up.
Really little!

This is the last business card I did.
I took a class from Claudine Hellmuth
3-4 years ago.  She inspired this.
Oh, yea...it's me.

Pumpkin carving time

Well I suppose we could have 
put it off until the last minute...
 But, we carved today.
78 lbs of pumpkin between the two.
They are BIG.

Mine is 

My dude's is

And Max is not 


Do you remember Bunnies?

Since I got home from Atlanta,
I have been busier than ever.  Getting ready
for our, "BIG SALE".  It is on November 5th.
From 9-4, at our factory. You can see some of the
items for sale on our site https://www.bunniesbythebay.com/
During that day only it is 25% off and a coupon worth an additional
25% off.  Plus a free bunny to the first 25 customers who purchase...and 
many more goodies.  Come visit us...3115 V place Anacortes
Also, we are selling our Archive bunnies.  We saved one of each
of our designs over the years you can find them here.

We have fall up now.  Holiday is coming.


Home again...Home again, jiggity jig

Whew...that was a whirlwind of activity-fun-work-tears.
I am talking about the Country Living show in Atlanta
at Stone Mountain.
It is so much work and effort to put on the Earth Angels show.
Most of us just fly in and set up.
Jen, Michelle and Sue...drive 16 hours in a u-haul
get there hours before the rest of us, and drive home
after taking down the tent...in the dark.
Is it worth it?
Mmmmm at moments..no
At other moments... yes
The reason I do it?
The amazing customers
The earth angel ladies.
I love each and everyone of them.
Here are just a few pictures.

I love.. love.. love.. her.
Funtown creator and all around smartiepants.
She has created a whole world around her charming
and funny friends.  Her book will be out next year,
and we will all be celebrating it with her.
Now is the time to scoop up your little character from her
before they get too uppity with their fame and celebrity.

My buddy and pal..
Leslie the hooker.
That is world famous rug hooker to you all.
I feel fortunate just to stand in her presence.
She is the funniest person I know...
(besides my sister and Jody)

Ahhh. Michele.
A fashionista, all around workhorse.
Sweet and Gentle
Best hugger in the world.
Marie and Melody...
Energy...sweetness, honesty, talent
I could go on and on.
Love them.
And I am not forgetting
Jennifer 1 and 2, Sue, Debbie, Linda,
Roseanna, Letty, and our fearless
leader Jen.
Without her...none of this would be possible.

Here we are at the end, in the dark tearing down the booth.

Oh, my and last but not least.
The Country Living show itself
amazing, quality, classes, entertainment, food.
And Stone Mountain was breathtakingly beautiful.
I did not talk to a single person who did not have
a good time.   

And speaking of all the wonderful people
who attended the event.  They were, nice,
complimentary, appreciative, and fun to 
talk to.  Thank-you for supporting all the
artists and vendors of County Living.
We live to create, and you allow us to do that.

Happy Fall everyone.
See you in sunny Tustin in 6 weeks.

And for any of you who wish to purchase
art from any of the talented ladies above.
 you can visit here.

fellow blogger

Look who found me.
This is Susan from
It was so great to meet someone you talk to
on your blog.  At first I was confused when she
was telling me who she was...because I had only ever
talked to her though my blog.  And here is a real person!
It is truly a wonderful medium to meet great people.
I did meet some more nice, wonderful ladies who
said they followed me here.  It was great!  Your real!!!
So nice to meet you...all!


Country living Atlanta

This is our last day of the show. We have been busy, so I have only been out of the booth for one short walkabout. Such a classy show. Everyone one is happy and enjoying the beautiful setting...a perfect place to see fall unfolding.

-I am out and about


Pumpkin Patch

We headed out to the 
Pumpkin Patch today.

Got a little lost in the corn maize.
Of which we had to break the rules
and forge our own trail to get out.

 Sam headed for the puddles of mud,
liked to go in the direction....we were not.
And had a snack of kettle corn.
Good day!

Happy just to run around.

 I love my cousin.


Why am I getting up at 1:00 AM?

I have been getting up at 1:00 AM 
and working until 8:00 PM.
I have projects...that I can't wait to get to.
Besides meetings at work and getting
ready for our 25th anniversary sale 
at Bunnies November 5th.
I am getting ready for the country living show
next week.
Since I won't be here for my sisters birthday,
and I did nothing for her last year,
I decided to decorate her office.
Here is an overall.
I printed in black and white
family pictures.
We had this great old ladder I used
to hang pictures on.
  And wire racks
and bins to hold paperwork.

Here is a picture of her, I drew, using a cute
2nd grade picture of her.

 School pictures I sewed to vintage playing cards and
framed.  Took the corner tabs from an old
family album.

These are roses I dried and taped to her
window with old family pictures next to them.

This is a mobil of watercolor painted stars that I 
hung from a wire vase I cut up...added a light.

A vintage irish linen tea towel made into a pillow.

On her windows I put these  beagle ribbons.
A bunny doll in a vintage dress and roller skates.

 A t shirt I found in my repurposed basket, I 
did an image transfer of Bea, her beagle.
And the side panels are the sleeves of an old
flannel shirt.  
I had collected beagle contest ribbons, a 1906 book, titled
"Suzanne".  And the beagle t towel.  Other than
that, everything was just laying around my studio.
Every time she went in her room,
there was something new.


Busy in the Studio

I am still making stuff for 
....for Earth Angels.
I leave next wednesday for the Country Living show
At Stone Mountain.  See the information to the right.
Come see me!

Sam visit

We had a Sam weekend.

He can say...mama,dada, meow, all gone, uh-oh,
more, up,
 roar like a dinosaur,
 give hugs, (which
doesn't include arms)
shake his head yes and no.
He likes to organize the pantry,
 sweep, empty drawers,
take his new boots off and on, a lot!
 Put hats on, and off
 Climb anything,
 but new favorite is in and out of the high chair,
  and play with the clasp...which he needs help with...we did
that at least a 100 times.
 Still loves to chill and cuddle...
when he isn't running.
Loves to sweep and mop.
A walk to the park...we saw lots of ducks.

 Likes to put on his own hats.  This one he prefers over 
his eyes...and walks around bumping into stuff.

Max got lots of hugs.  Grampa 0.


Art Girl Road Show

I will be in Tustin California
for the Art Girl Road Show
December 2nd and 3rd.
at Phyllisophsical
191 East Main.