Baby Shower

I made this for a shower gift.
This is a little outfit I bought
...added the felt bird.

Here is the card,
going with a tweet theme.

 Here are the 2 outfits...tweeked and we made
a new hat.
 Designed this outfit.
It is a soft Japanese knit with mushrooms.
I appliqued the larger mushrooms.
The fabric is a vintage gingham linen from
an old pillow.  And the stems are alphabet letters.
Hand stitched it all on, so you see the stitching.

Girls are fun to design for.
And the last outfit will be in the bunny line
for fall, hopefully.  Not mushrooms but
a something a little more relative to 
Cricket Island.



I forgot to take my computer home
this weekend.  Sitting in it's little red suitcase
right where I left it.  Oh, I feel like I had lost
my right arm.

I wanted to share this video clip.
My son is a fisherman in Dutch Harbor Alaska.
I found this link to this clip on a random blog.
This is not my sons boat.  This is a Crabber,
he is on a 125' Dragger.  A larger boat.
The weather conditions are like this right now.
It was -5 degrees and they are chipping ice off the boat.



Perusing the internet tonight.
I got a message from a friend on
facebook so I hopped over there...
Then I saw that Jen over at Earth Angels had
posted, which led me over to her blog and I 
found this.  I didn't even know it was out.

Pretty cool.

Speaking of Earth Angels....

I just mailed Jen a new shipment of
art for this show.

3/2 & 3/3, 2012 - "heART of winter" - SOUTH, 
at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, Sanford, FL

Check out her blog for complete post.


Hmmm found this

Looking through my little sketches...
I found this.

Some days it feels so true,
other days I can't get out of my own way.
Does it matter?
Probably not.
Because it's true and I am grateful
for when I am in the groove.

Pinterest winner

Do you ever wonder where all those great images
come from on pinterest?  Well..the cool thing is 
you can click on the picture and it will lead you to
a source.  Not the original source usually.  But
a trail to follow.  I posted this picture last night
and it got a lot of response.
My caption is he's not heavy he's my dog.
I found it here
Tumbir is a great resource for inspiration.

Put away your guns...show us some love.

My dude has watched every Clint Eastwood and John Wayne
 movie 20 times.  I like the manly men, but geez...enough with the violence
I think they should get in touch with their feminine sides.

Put away your guns boys, show us the love.


Winner, Winner, Winner

Oh my gosh it snowed here yesterday,
and I got so caught up in it I forgot to 
post the winners.
 Here are the winners.
 Congratulations to all of you.
And thank-you one and all for leaving
such nice comments.
I wish I could send you all a print.
If those of you who did not win send 
me your address.  I will get you a little
gratitude gift in the mail also.
Have a great week
We have more snow ahead of us.


Give Away 3 days left

My give-Away ends on Sunday the 15th.
You have three days left to enter.  
Full details below.
You could win one of three
 from my etsy shop.
Just become a follower and leave a comment.
I will pick a winner on sunday the 15th
I will pick three winners.


Off to Taipei

I am off to Taipei today.
I made this as a gift.

Will not be back until next week.
Remember to enter my drawing.



O.K.  third post today.
I guess I am excited about the new year.
I have a new website..

I have been pinning
like crazy on pinterest

And I have been working and listing on 

So I think a give- away would be in order
to get the ball rolling.
Would you be willing to become a follower 
of my blog?  If you are already a follower
would you be willing to mention 
my blog and give-away on your site?
Leave me a message on this post
and I will put your name into a drawing
for a print from my etsy shop.
A 5x7 framed print.
Like one of these.
But to make it more special,
You pick. Let me know in
your comment which one you like.
Go to my etsy site and pick any 
picture.  I will give away
One to each of THREE
I will pick three winners
On January 15th.  sunday.
( I like the names out of a hat method myself)

Good Luck and may you all go out and be 
winners today!


This is a little Mohair kitty, in
a vintage dress.  She is from our 
Archives.  Her name is Breezy 
and she is $265.00

We have very few Kitties left.
Better scoop her up and 
give her a nice home.

A lot less work than the kitten they
tried to get me to adopt at the 
pet store the other day...I just
wanted to buy dog food.

The end...not quite.

I have been on vacation since 
I got back from New York...Dec 15th.
All ready to head back to work today...
and I found out last night we don't go back
until Tuesday.   Hallelujah.  Now, it's not
like I don't love my work...but it has been so
great hanging out with the Dude and taking life
a little bit slower.
We went out to dinner with Sam and his mama-dada last night. ( That is one word to him.)
He was such a trooper having missed his nap.  He dipped chip after chip into a little
cup of ketchup.  At 19 months he is changing so much.
  Love this little guy....like I couldn't ever imagine.
  Being a granny is the greatest thing in the whole wide world.

On a different note.  When I do go back to work, I will only be in my 
studio for 4 days and then we leave for a very quick 4 day trip.
We will be attending a funeral in Taipei.  Our brother Carlson Ling
will be honored  January 9th.
This man, along with his brother...saved Bunnies By The Bay.
He owns our factory in China.   (It is small and only produces
our baby things.  Sewn and finished by hand.)

He was 70 years old, and was also a Rugby Referee.  He heart
 gave up on a track like this close to the factory, as he was
training for a match coming up in Beijing in a few days.
He was an amazing man...who lived a very full and rich
life.  Loved by many and honored by all.

Life goes by so quickly.  Sam is not even 2 years old yet,
and Carlson was 70.  So little time to enjoy all there
is to this gift...life.  I am so grateful to have the 
opportunity to know and love all those who cross
 my path.  For each and everyone has taught
me a life lesson, from love... to letting-go.

Thank-you for following this journey with me.
If only with words and pictures...
sometimes that's all it takes...to feel connected.
It makes me wonder, what the new year will bring in.
What ever that is...the appreciation for my humble
little life has been lifted.
Happy New Year.