Looking for inspiration

I have spent the last two weeks,
(in between bunny business)
organizing my studio.
Sometimes you just need
to dig through all those
boxes and bins and pull
out your treasures....
display them and wait for
the spark to appear.
The fuel I need to
spur some creativity.

I am getting ready for the
Country Living Show
In Atlanta 
October 21-23
So here is my studio...
I moved my clothesline
and hung doll clothes.
 I found hoops everywhere...
now all together.
 These paper umbrellas are stuck in a 
piece of floral foam.
 Cute wooden boat off of Etsy,
with my instrument playing ants.
 Old paper lanterns

Here is a bunny and some pom, poms in the works for the show.

Now...I need to get busy!


Roche Harbor on San Juan Island

We had a final adventure
at the end of Summer.
A weekend boat trip to Roche Harbor
on beautiful San Juan Island.
It was amazing.
I can't remember the last time
I did nothing but just stare at water...
have food served to me,  hiked
and just enjoyed being in the moment.
Right here in my own backyard.


End of summer

It is the end of summer.
I have been so busy, and
not motivated to blog.
I hear this voice in my head that 
says...I have nothing to say.

I have spent the last 2 weeks
organizing my studio.  Trying
to get a sense of organization,

Because my life has gotten
more complicated.

I have been dealing with work issues.
Getting ready for the country living shows.
Moving my daughter into my beach house.
And planning a party for my other daughter
moving to Anchorage.  My son just got
home from 4 months in Alaska fishing.
Wanting to watch Sam
Hanging out with my guy.
Not to mention,
The list goes on and on....
How do we fit it all in?
Do you know?
I sure don't.

This picture epitomizes summer.
I can't believe it's over, I don't think
it actually ever came.  Not enough of it
anyway.  I am not ready for fall,
for the year to be over.
Time is moving way to fast for me.

Picture courtesy of
One of my favorite blogs.


Sam...let's swim

We had a Sam weekend,
It was beautiful, so we 
swam in the pool.  Played
outside, went for a walk to
the park in his wagon.

He is changing so much.
He can do Animal Sounds
Roar, Meow...And mama,
Dada, Byeee, and a whole lot
of uhuhuhuhuhuhuh.
And when you try and take the
plug out, he bites it with his
teeth so you can't take it away.
He is way past walking...He is running!

Takin it to the street

My dude and I recently took a little 
road trip.  Down Hwy 101
Westport WA, to Cannon Beach Oregon...
Then to Portland.
We took the 63 VW....Safari windows open and
chillin on the highway.  It was a blast.
I also wanted to experiment with a VW pop-up store.
Of course I am a pansy ass, law abiding wimp.
So I am nervous...I will get in trouble, I don't have
a permit..I'm going to get a ticket and on and on.

We pull into Cannon Beach..The sun is shining,
people everywhere.  We find an open spot
right in front of an ice cream shop on the main
drag.  I set up...  no one really notices...I'm nervous,
sweating.   Finally a couple walks up, they buy 2
cards and 4 buttons.   Then...I am outta here.
I did it, I made a sale....Let Vamoose.
My dude took this video with an iphone app
called 8mm.
Sorry no sound, a little to advanced for me right now.



This is my Kindergarden class.
I turned 5 in August.
Painfully shy and sensitive.
I peed my pants
(Dress actually)
To afraid to ask to go to 
the bathroom!
 I am the first one in the upper left.
Nice Hair.
I look like a Pilgrim.

Ohio Country Living show.....

I just got Two big boxes of treasures
sent off to Jen at Earth Angels
for the Country Living show in Ohio.
Here is a sample.
If you are interested
Or go to the Country living show 
In Ohio.
I will be In Atlanta On 
October 21, 22, 23.
Come see me.

These are necklaces. Little bobbles with words.
The pictures are my classmates from Kindergarden.

 Every single little thing has a sign.
Recycled wine corks, needles, button and old 
recipe cards.

This is a bunny I, "whipped together...she is changed though
since I took this picture. I added trinkets instead of the bird.

Cute little bunny with her own ship,
 on a stack of old books.


This is a bucket of buttons I covered in my favorite
stripes...On a vintage card...bunny stamp too.

"Sweet is the simple life..where birds do sing
 and dreams sprout wings."
She comes with her own stand made of Popsicle sticks.

This is a Kitty print on a canvas board.


ETSY shop open

I now have an ETSY shop.

I have prints and cards right now.
More to upload.
But here is a good start.
Prints are 20.00
Cards are 5.00