happy tricks

Happy Halloween
I picked out this costume,
but could only get it on up to
my ankle. Oh well, maybe
next year I'll have the body
of a 54 yr old
supa-halloween model.
Looks like no one eats
butterfingers in this house!

photo courtesy of


busy in the studio

Is there something wrong about getting up
at 3:00 in the morning?
Not only the doing , but enjoying it?
I am
which opens NOVEMBER 6th

Here is a pile of birds to embellish
3 light fixtures.

My artist statement and portrait.

which says
finding my medium
I dabble-jewelry-watercolor
collage. Wishing that the glass
was half full- but occasionally slipping
into the pensive recluse.
A sweet little girl with
snowflakes and snowman.

baby it's cold outside.

I dip the little figures in wax.

Jewelry...black and white sketches
with a touch of red. Coffee stained
aqua cotton cording ...


tiny house

My tiny house photo for the day.
thanks to one of my favorite blog sites.

...and I can see furniture like this in there...
thanks to


VW Van

Do you remember the
1963 Candyapple red
Volkswagon panel van
my better half
recently aquired?

Right now it sits in the garage and
we just admire it.
Maybe we should ...
... turn our little red
Van into a petting zoo

This image, via..
I can look through my entire
reader of blogs and he will still
be engrossed in the Samba website.


This is the Home of
Chris Theiss.
He is the curator of
Chris has been an artist at
bunnies for over 16 years.
He and his artist wife
Kristen are amazing.

They will have their artwork
along with other artist here at
bunnies for sale at Hutch.
Check us out.
November 6th.


squirrels are busy

Ohhhh Gosh
I do not remember where I got these images.
So sorry, not to give credit where credit is due.

I am into Squirrels at the moment.
They are very busy making a mess in the
attic of our shed in laconner right now.


Here are a few
of the ditties I have been working on.

Sweet for a little witchie-poo.

A little blond kitty-kat.



This is what I have been
working on.

A little halloween display
Next up. Snowmen



A thursday night project.
Our art dept is sooooooo busy
so at the last minute
I had to whip this out.

Damn I need photoshop lessons.
So this will do.





Is this
I can see this in my tiny house.

I think The most fun I ever
had as a kid was playing in
a cardboard house.
I liked to decorate even then.

This attic bedroom is

A make believe world.
That is what kids are great at
just living in the world they want.
I think I'll try that.
Actually....I'm on my way.


becoming grand

Wise women
a great visual diary
of women who have aged wisely.

I am working on this.
I wanted to show you a picture
of a woman who when you look
into her face you see years of wisdom...
to pass down to a grandchild.
I found out yesterday, I am
going to be a first time Grandma.

We all knew it was on the horizon, but when
it happens, your surprised. It is such
a blessing and a humbling experience.
I want to be a wise, fun, lovely to the
bone granny.

On the other hand,
my daughter-in-law is
miserably puking her guts
out right now. That little
baby, (the size of an olive)
is making quite an entrance
already....ahhhhh a grand child
my own


winter comin

My body senses
winter is on it's way.
I am sleeping more, eating more
and wanting cozy clothes and fires.

Tasha tudor collected and wore
18th century clothing.
Now there is someone who
lives their creativity.
I feel like that...when I put
the effort into it. I think we
express ourselves in many ways.

...what we wear....

...where we live...

...And how we choose to
change and grow...

I found these great images through


happy giving

Been doin a little drawing
and painting.

squirrel getting ready for fall

smirky little pumpkin



Did I mention I have moved?
I am still recovering. Physically and emotionally.
I have heard moving is a very stressful event.
I am here to tell you...it is.

One of the reasons I decided to downsize is...
I am just tired of stuff. As a creative person
I seem to have more than the average amount.
So...I have filled a 10x20 storage space and a 5x15 storage space.
I intend to empty them both! Sell, give away, throw away.

Both of these images I found on...

I have moved into 230 square feet.
And my intention is...8ft. x 20 ft.
160 square feet and to be totally

Now I have my understanding partner
of 12 years he gets it, completely.
I am here in our very nice home half the
week. So really, since my fun and rewarding
job is 80 miles away, I just need a little space
to live in.
This is...
an adventure
a change
To let go of stuff.
find myself.


love um

This is a beauty.
Isn't it funny lots of water
in all my favorites.
Modern is cool...clean...uncluttered.

I am definitely an island girl at heart.
beach shanty is still my, go to favorite.

I love
tiny living.
How about this?

I also love this.
A house on the propery of J. Morgan Puett.
She is to cool for words.
This was posted on
I love her site. Beautiful inspiring pictures.


clean it up

Since we last spoke my world has
a new outlook.
I decided to rent out my home.
I called a property manager on the 17th
of Sept. and she came out that day...I signed
a contract. She showed the house friday the 18th.
It rented.
I have been moving since then. I had to be out
by the 1st of Oct.
I have survived...barely.
So I am living rent free and
saving my money to build my little
home on wheels.
Where I am at....uh no shower
what do you think about this?

someone noticed

I have sat down to my blog
for the first time in 2 weeks
I found this!

I am just so humbled to have been found.
I love her blog and look at it frequently
because I have her in my reader.
I love that the world is getting smaller!
Thank-you geisslein.