Hutch coolness

We have been busy here at bunnies getting 
ready for the Atlanta and New York gift shows.
We will be showing a little line from Hutch Studio
I designed the product and Chris designed the displays.

This cardboard boat is sitting on a cardboard table and will
hold the bunny and other friends like the one in the previous post.

This is a cardboard frame.

Pretty cool.


Busy as Ever

I am busy in the studio.
This is just a few things
I am working on...
besides about 15 other huge projects.


Instagram moments

I was walking the other day.
I found all of these balls.
It was windy and the tide was coming
in.  So I collected them, and left for 
all those dogs who will return to the park
looking for their ball...or any ball.

When I picked up my sister the other day,
I took this picture of her courtyard.
Welcome summer.

Week in Review

What a Week.
We returned from Vegas...to a full agenda.
Our trip was great, we met with our new UK licensors, our
Book Licensors out of Australia. And many more potentials.
We came home to get ready for all the above people who 
will visit us in July.  So I have been cleaning and organizing.
Sixteen hour days.  I haven't even looked at my computer.
So here are a few photos of that blur of a week.

My two best friends, partners, sisters.

Took this for Sam.
He loves Batman.

We are a little island in the storm.
Next to a full wall of 20 foot marvel comic
characters, Mattel, Disney and Pixar
We are tiny...but sweet.

And I returned to Sam.
Gram-pa picked him up that morning,
So he was waiting for me when I walked 
through the door.  

I am not a Vegas kind of gal.  We stayed at the Mandalay Bay...
It is so huge, noisy and glittery.  I got lost just looking for 
coffee.  Had to get help to find my way out of the hotel.
The last day I discovered The Four Season's which is 
connected to the Mandalay.  No casino, quiet, peaceful.
Next time I want to stay there.
It's good to be home.


Heading for Vegas

We three of BBTB are heading to
Sin City...to the Licensing show.
Bunnies has a handful of licenses now.
Looking for more.  For any of you in business.
Here is what we have learned so far.
It takes a lot, lot, lot, lot longer than you 
can imagine to generate any $ from licensing.
It cost a fortune to have agents represent you.
For example we are paying 7500.00 at this show
just for a banner. Not every license works out.
You have to learn to let go. 
 Licensing is not even the same
game it was a few years ago.  You need more than
product to license.  You need a brand, a recognizable
identity.  This has taken us 26 years to develop.
On that happy note.  Here are a few pictures
I took showing some of our new items for

O.K.  see ya later
Won't be back until next week.  



You read about this stuff, but when it happens to
you or a friend it sucks.  My co-worker Chris
is the most talented person I know.  He can create
anything.  He is by trade a Ceramic Artist.  Well,
a few years ago we started using cardboard as a 
medium.  He came up with a costume for halloween
called Cardboard Man.  He and his wife are also
great photographers, and they took these pictures.
You can go to his website and see more.
And also to Hutch Studio to see his handiwork.

Well an Italian Company is using his image as
the header of their catalog which is posted on the web.

What do you do? Any suggestions on how to 
proceed?  It would have been great if they would have
asked.  Even a photo or creative credit would
have been good advertising for his talents, but to steal
that is just wrong.


When you find your tribe

I am very fortunate.  I am in business with my
sisters who are my best friends.
My job is to be creative 
and design.  I know that this is what I was born
to do.  I think that is rare.  So many people are 
searching for what it is that makes them happy,
 brings joy a sense of peace but is also exciting and rewarding.
Bunnies By The Bay has fulfilled that.
And yet there is more, and that is what 
we do at Hutch Studio.  What I create there with my 
amazing co-creator Chris is so fun and exciting I pinch myself
when I think of how much fun it is.
Here is what I am working on today....

A cardboard frame for our show booths.

 New product for Spring.

 A picture for our show booth.

Bunny pillows 

And that is all in between meetings and 
chit chat of course.

Have a great weekend. And I hope my girls have fun at the show
this weekend...Please visit and buy something HANDMADE.

 I won't be there but all my art will be.


Sam takes a walk

We had a family lunch date the other day.
So while adults ate...Sam wanted
to go see the Bulldozers next door.

So he, Gram-pa and Bunny went for a walk.
Thank goodness he likes Bunnies By The Bay bunnies.

Two years old and getting so big.
Baby sister will be here in 9 weeks!


Country Living Shows

Fall will be here before we know it.
Here are the dates for the Country living Shows.
I am hoping to attend both.  Columbus because
it is a more established show and Atlanta because
my buddies will be there.