The Dude sings

Sunday night a few of
us Bunny Girls

 went to
Chateau St. Michele Winery
for a concert.
We saw this ever chill
and unpretentious hunk of a dude.
He was great.

Definitely buying the music.

He is now a grandpa... he prefers
His best quote of the night.
"Lot of wonder goin on".


Dogs, dogs, dogs

The other day I was at my sisters amazing home.
I snapped a few pictures of her vintage dog collection.
Love them!


We are all Connected

This is the journey of Jeanne, Suzanne and I.
I am grateful everyday to have these
 2 sisters in my life.  We work together, 
strategize, laugh and sometimes cry.
We are dedicated to telling the story
of Bunnies By The Bay.
The universal truth
that tragedy, after many tears,
sorrow and healing...
 can lead to something 
other than sadness.  It can open the
floodgates to love, gratitude and 
eventually  joy. 
In our story we were brought to our knees
by the loss of our father, uncle, cousin, friends
and then our little brother.
Being on your knees...you realize
your still on solid ground.  And when you
look up, you will see love in all those people
who are there to help.  Grief brings down
barriers between people.  It lets you see
that we are all one.  We are connected... 


Toddler recall for Grammys.

Do you have favorite blogs that you keep 
in your reader?  I have lots of blogs in there,
but a few I look at almost daily.  I like them
because they often lead you to another blog, that
they like...which I usually like also.
One of my favorites is
A Cup of Jo.
She can really dig up some very
cool stuff.
A recent find was a link to this site.

Grammys who have overnighters with
a toddler can relate also.

Here is an post from JUNE 2010.


1. You wake up wondering exactly how and when the person in
bed with you got there.

2. There are crumpled-up underpants EVERYWHERE.

3. Your not sure whether anything you're doing is right, you just 
hope you don't get arrested.

4. There's definitely going to be a fight.

5. You've got someone in your face at 3 a.m.
looking for a drink.

6.  Probably 80% of the stains on the furniture contain DNA.

7.  You sneak off to the bathroom knowing that as soon as you 
sit down, someone's going to start banging on the door.

8.  It's best not to assume that the person closest to you has
any control over their digestive function.

9. There's alway that one girl, bawling her eyes out in a corner.

10.  There are half-full, brightly-colored plastic cups on the floor
 in every room.  Three are in the bathtub.



I like cream, thread and yarn.
I like it as display.


I have had this movie on pre-order and 
it just came friday.

And remember...this endorsement comes
from a former, multiple Atkins diet patron.
I LOVED meat.  To date,
I have not eaten meat since June 10th.
I feel great!


I think this is the coolest site I have ever discovered.
It is a site where you can catalog all the great things
that you discover on the web.  But, also view all
the amazing finds of other like minded people.
It is 100 times better than doing a google search in
images, as far as quality goes.  
Here is a great toy truck I found on etsy.
so I "pinned it to my boards". You
just put the PIN IT link in your bookmark 
bar and click...it is saved.

Check it out.
Discovery of this great site was 
found via
He finds amazing things!


Country Living here I come

I am getting ready to do this show again.
in Atlanta Georgia
October 21, 22, 23,
Can't wait to see all my buddies.
 I need to rethink how I will do the show this year.
Cardboard does not like wind, humidity and moisture.
So back to the drawing board for display ideas.

It is such a great venue.
Stone Mountain GA.
Can't wait.
If you go to my previous posts.  OCTOBER of 2010 you can see how much
fun I had last year.

Birthday day for me.

Yesterday was my Birthday.
I am really not into birthdays.
I don't like to make a big deal about it.
It has always just felt like another day.
But I do like to spend that day with the
people I love the most. All 3 of my kids
had to work that day.  One in Alaska,
One in California and one that made it 
later that night.  But my guy, my
daughter-in-law and grandson 
gave me the best birthday day ever.
Sam just happened to be sprouting 2 new 
molars so he was not up to par.
He tried his very best.
We went to the park, and just 
kinda wandered around the house.
I tried to get his picture.
Here are the results.

1.  Hard time capturing him...even though he
wasn't moving very fast...He moved fast enough
to get out of camera range.
2.  He wouldn't look at me!
3. He hurt, so he cried.  This is just 
one of those moments he did not have
his pacifier or blanket with him.
4. He was so sleepy and had a fever.
But wouldn't sleep.

5. Ouch, my mouth hurts!
6. Grandpa couldn't get him 
to excited about a push in his wagon.

But, every second with this little dumpling is pure
joy....Best Birthday day ever.

A Nautical Bride

Chris our amazing talented curator of Hutch Studio,
was given a challenge.  To create the Wedding dress
in our Bunnies By The Bay Hareytale story.
Elsie Atterberry, (our gram), mends clothing in her shop
 all day.  She is given the task of making a Wedding dress for 
a desperate bride who's future husband is leaving for the
fishing grounds and they must get married right away.
Gram uses what she has laying about, because no one
has money or materials to spare.

  His project runway
challenged turned out this MASTERPIECE.
Using vintage nautical maps, a bit of wire and glue.
Here is his CREATION.

He has the dress lit from underneath.
Birds are flying from her wire tiara.
  Look at the cutout boat in her train!


Baby on the way

We have a baby due any day here at Bunnies.
Shannon is having a baby boy.
She did the nursery in Owls.
Here is our contribution.

Busy in the Studio

Here are a few things I have been working on.


Summertime and the livin is easy

I was riding my bike the other day.
This is part of the bike trail.
Our little town has done a lot lately to make 
the waterfront beautiful.
Isn't this lovely.  Thanks to some much appreciated
sunshine, I am getting some outdoor exercise.

What do you do, to clear your head and get a little exercise?

Here are more images to get you in the mood
All found on pinterest.


Finishing up last post

For some reason, I can't figure out how to scroll 
while I am posting....so I could not put this picture in.
Here is a Giraffe, for the Bunny line.


I work on 5 things at one time.
If I get up from my desk...on my way to find something...which
half way to my destination I forget what it is I am looking for...
and I get distracted by....a project half finished on the ironing board...
or I'll do a little picking up, that leads to...oh what's in this box
and so on and so on.
So Friday I am finishing up some new ideas for Bunnies Spring 2012.
And making a T-shirt to wear today.  This is a T that I bought
at Anthropologie.  I loved the loose, (aka...hide tummy) uneven hemline
and soft material of this shirt.  I bought 2, then they went on sale for $10.00
so I bought 3 more.
This T shirt was white...I dyed it orange.  Later I put a patch on it
that said, " LUCKY ". But I put it on crooked...that bugged me.
So I tried taking the patch off.  No go... I ended up cutting a hole in the shirt.


I just cut out the whole patch and put this on there.  A collaged shirt.

 That is a scan onto fabric of my mom, aunt and their cousin.
Here is the back of the neck.
I covered the button, sewed it on, then pounded
it down with a hammer so it is flat.  The fabric is 
from a vintage quilt.

P.S ( I find clothing that I love.  In the fashion world it will only be around
for a few months.  Some of these include sweats from Lucky Brand. 
 A super soft long maternity t-shirt from Target. A 2 layer in front super-super 
soft T from Lucky. I have worn all these so much that I have to dye them to
hide stains, embroider over holes, patch, embellish...make those sweats into skirts
just play around essentially to give them new life.


Stuffing knocked out of me

Do you ever feel like you just had all the 
stuffing knocked out of you?
Is there a possibility that all the stuff you
thought you were made of...
can be replaced
and improved?
I like that.
Here's to 
New Stuff!
I have had this little guy for years and years.  Even though he looses his 
insides....he's always happy.

winner... winner... winner... ding, ding, ding.

It's Monday.
I completely forgot about announcing my winner
for Seamore!


I took the names from both 
Jen's and mine 
and here you go.
Thank-you all for your kind 

Happy summer it's finally here!!!