New Art

I've been painting a little.  Actually more
gifts to friends lately.
This is a picture I made for a friend that just
got married.  I ended up painting on an old chart.
I embroidered small flowers on tissue and laid that over
the painted picture and then framed in a vintage silver frame.
  I then scanned this onto fabric and made a pillow too. 
 Forgot to take pictures of them finished. 
  This is for a step-niece that just graduated
from college.  This is a dress of her's and
a quote from her facebook page.

Just art waiting to be framed.

This was for a step-nephew. I photoshoped his name off
of here.  As you can see my editing skills are lacking.
But I like the frog.



Hutch Studio

I had to look for some pictures yesterday
for a Bunny project I am working on. Unfortunately
they were not on my computer so I had to look at
one of my external hard drives.  And looking among the
thousands of pictures I have I found these.
This is a cardboard boat Chris made to hold
some soft nautical bunnies I made.

This is "the book"  of whirligigs Chris has made.

Handmade plush by us.

Old and new together.

I made these as a table decoration for a lunch we hosted.

 Chris made these chairs for our bunny room.
Recycled cardboard.

This light turns from the heat of the bulb.

Idea for a pull-toy for the baby line.

Picture frame from cardboard.  Bunny art, "distressed."

Our new bunny room.  Furniture is cardboard.

Spring window paper cut outs

And here he is...
Chris Theiss, artist extraordinaire.

Check it out here.



I am a very excitable person.  When I find something
I love....I am into it BIG TIME.  Well my heart has
wandered over to pinterest.  It is just fun and quick and
a whole lot less work than a blog.  I am bored with 
other blogs too. 

When I first discovered blogs I thought it 
was the coolest thing I had ever discovered.  Because
as an artist I am looking for inspiration.  Something
to spark me into creating.  
Well, truthfully I like just looking at pictures,
and pinterest is like heroin for someone like me.
So sorry blog world...I have a soft spot for you
but my love has wandered.  
Well that being said I will continue to post.
But the little spare time I have is spent...pinning.
So here you go.
Here are some pictures of my
Beach house that is for sale.

We had a dinner party at Bunnies.
Here is our "coffee table."


Wow, out of nowhere...I have a new, old travel trailer

Sometimes, strange things happen when
you least expect it.  I drove from Kirkland
to Anacortes today to go to work.  I had to
stop by my house to water the yard and took
a back road instead of Highway 20.  I passed
a gated storage area that has trailers and boats.
in it.  Out of the corner of my eye I see, AQUA.
It is a little travel trailer and in the back window is
a, for sale sign.  I flip around, park and try to take a picture
through the chain link fence. Then I see a guy roaming 
around so I ask if I could get in to see the trailer.
It is unlocked so I go inside and get a really good look.
It is so perfectly, aqua from roof to floor, all original.
I call the owner...and 4 hours later he delivers it to
my door!
She is a Scotty Hilander, we think a 1968-69
All original.  I am in love.

This is Bill, the former owner. He also tried to sell me beads,
some flax seed, labels from vintage apple boxes.....
But, I only had eyes for my Scotty. 

A top bunk, and the bottom bunk gets bigger.
See the walls?  Original paint on wood.  A now shabby lovely
aged aqua with grey specks.  Even the floor is white with aqua.

Sink, stove, cabinets.

I took these pictures with my snapseed app.  So I gave them a grunge
look.  It's pretty grungy already but I just keep saying in my head.
"Cute as a button!!!"
This is the table that folds into a bed.

I don't want to make it perfect and shiny.  I love the look now.
Just need to get rid of the musty smell and a good cleaning.
Add some cream cushions and call it good!

Sam adjusting

I have been out of the loop...It is summer
hard to sit at a computer when you can
be outside enjoying our amazing weather.
Here is latest of Sam and Sydnee.
I downloaded a new app called
SNAPSEED.  You take the 
pictures through the app and you
can alter them and store in your library.
You don't have to do it at the time you take
the picture you can do it later.

Here is my little angel, in a moment
of cooperation.

We made Sam a Teepee

 Baby Sydnee....she is so good.

 Sam likes "Big Watermelon"
 Uhhh what do I do with her?

Show me your moves spiderman.
Includes popcycle drool on his chin.


Hutch refresher

We have some visitors coming 
from out of town.  So a little refresher 
for Hutch.
I like them...who knows where they came from.  Someone was hard on shovels.

For some reason we had all these broken garden rakes and shovels in the shed.
I thought they added a nice touch to our hanging plant jars on the front porch.

Petite roses tied with twine to a wooden, I don't know what....I found in our back shed.

Big... Big bunny with bow.

A big duck holding a tall flower.

Pom Pom bunny pillows.  A little pink on their checks for the finishing touch.

There are 10 of these windows I painted little scenes in each.  White acrylic paint.
You take it off with a razor blade.

Paper flowers I had made and hung from the windows.  Now hang from a painted
lamp shade.

Some small bunnies on a little pink and white shelf.  These take as much time to
make as a large bunny....but so sweet when they are tiny.


New Art

Some new art



Every pregnant woman's dream, is to not
go over your due date...a little early is better.
Our little Sydnee arrived 12 days early.
My daughter- in -law's water broke, she was happy
but also pretty much in shock the whole day.
My son was in Alaska, he went immediately to the
Dutch Harbor airport and waited on standby.
I was so fortunate to watch the birth, and video tape and 
Aunt Melissa held the phone so my son could be part of the whole 
grand event.  She checked in at 11:00 had an epidural. She
went into labor around 4:30 and 15 minutes later....our little
Sydnee Bean Kirkpatrick arrived.
She went to mama's breast and nursed for 2 hours.
She didn't even get cleaned up or weighted until later.
The most memorable experience of my life.
Other than Sam being born, which we didn't see
him until he was an hour old.  Amazing and life 
affirming.  Born on friday, July 27th.

Here she is on Sunday.
They came and hung out at Grammy's and Grampa's.

Everyone was exhausted.  Including mom and dad.
Sam...not really happy about sharing his mama.
Oh well...in time I am sure he will be the best brother in
the world.

By the way...favorite shirt which is pajama bottoms.
Want's to wear to "bumblebee's", everyday...