Hutch refresher

We have some visitors coming 
from out of town.  So a little refresher 
for Hutch.
I like them...who knows where they came from.  Someone was hard on shovels.

For some reason we had all these broken garden rakes and shovels in the shed.
I thought they added a nice touch to our hanging plant jars on the front porch.

Petite roses tied with twine to a wooden, I don't know what....I found in our back shed.

Big... Big bunny with bow.

A big duck holding a tall flower.

Pom Pom bunny pillows.  A little pink on their checks for the finishing touch.

There are 10 of these windows I painted little scenes in each.  White acrylic paint.
You take it off with a razor blade.

Paper flowers I had made and hung from the windows.  Now hang from a painted
lamp shade.

Some small bunnies on a little pink and white shelf.  These take as much time to
make as a large bunny....but so sweet when they are tiny.


amy of studio four corners said...

it all looks so lovely...

Jody Battaglia said...

Charming! I want to come over to play...You are a clever girl...

Marilyn Miller said...

Your visitors won't be able to ohhh and ahhhh! Love your hutch and the painted windows.

l.wilks11 said...

Love your post, sooooo interesting and those cushions are to die for......xx