10 years

It is hard to believe it....seems like she
has always been a part of us...

Our lunch room is full of boxes, so 
we made it part of the decor.
standing in front of a Nordstrom order

Thanks Anne for being one of those that Jeanne
likes to coat, "help me lift my burden."

Group photo...of those that stayed a little later
l to R...me.suzanne.diane.jeanne.anne.michele.Julie
hey Dana...where are you?



Well...I finally did it. 
 I just took over my entire house.
It is now a studio. 
 Instead of being just in the back...
It is now all, "creative work space." 
 I guess since I am in Anacortes
during the week and spend my weekends in Kirkland
I thought I'll just do it. 
 So now..... when I come home from
work...I just collage and paint and solder right along with
cooking dinner and watching John Stewart....

I feel like I live out of a suitcase.  
Which I do.
David and I have been
....boyfriend and girlfriend...for 11 years
Every weekend I pack a bag.
   And since I have been in a creative
whirlwind lately, I take all my crafty supplies with me... 
 When we unload my car...he says, I look like a homeless person...

I have been making jewelry

Here is my mess in the main part of the house. 
 Which was formally known as... 
the kitchen, dining, living room. 
 Now it is all of the above and a studio.
 It is just  600 square feet.

no time to clean..
 when you are feeling creative.

nothing is sacred...I am getting scrappy here with paper...

A necklace


This is a piece I did for an auction at the open door gallery
on Whidbey Island.  
The theme is...hearts, home and hammer,
to benefit those who need home repairs, but can't afford it.

This is a small collage. On the lower right is a pin.
this comes off and you can wear it...then store it
on the collage.

Another collage...
this one holds a necklace.


pike place

We spent last weekend walking around downtown....Went to the
Seattle Library, (first time). Wandered into a few art galleries
in Pioneer Square. 
 Of course the PUBLIC MARKET...we walked
down Post Alley.  One whole wall was covered in chewing gum,

Post Alley  is a walking art gallery........

...... these are not the only crabby things I know of.....

chewing gum, "ART".

Really....this is my most flattering photo.  
I asked my sister the other day... about  wrinkles...
(which I have decided to embrace.)  But beyond wrinkles...
I was looking for the  words......she said, "crepe. ( Not like 
the thin pancake, but like the paper....) I'm like
yahhhhhh.....  Uh.  Gotta keep working on the inside, the outside
is melting like a candle.

Just a reflection of our true selves....