I went thru my collection of saved images.
Found this pretty picture
because it's spring!

Hello I am Krys

I am doing a post for the lovely 
My name is
Krys Kirkpatrick
I am a designer for my company
Bunnies By The Bay
We make the softest sweetest baby gifts
on the planet. My sister and I started the
company 24 years ago.
I also do love to paint and draw, 
make jewelry, sew and 
craft.... You see that here.
Our shop in La conner is so cool.
All the work is hand crafted by
our artists here at bunnies, or friends
of bunnies. Here.
Here are some samples of my work
I have made little ditties and whimsey
since I was a little girl.  It has been
many many years, and many many
crafts....and I still can not wait 
to get up in the morning and get busy!

Lots of drawing time

This is what I did for fun
on vacation. 

Cherry blossom-raining

Well, I am home from Hawaii.
I did not want to leave.
But, I also was excited about
coming home.  I have decided
I will just keep maui in my heart,
and stay in that place of contentment
and joy.  So I am happy to
 and watch the
 cherry blossoms
fall from the trees like snow.

 This is a neighbors tree. 
 Washington is
or sprouting. 
 The energy of spring is amazing.
Longer days,  winter is asleep
It is great to be home.

believe it

I do not know how I found
this blog...
But, Andre Jordan
is funny, sad, odd and 


I'll have a cuppa that

My sister sent me this.
she called it a cuppa  bunny jo.



This book is GREAT.
You can read it in a few hours.
Simple to understand.
Having a small business for 
many years.  You look 
for guides to help.  This is 
a total winner!  Go to 
their website for some great 

Uh computer one oh one

I am working on a
 I want to add a 
Big Cartel shopping cart.
You can't do that with a blog.
Here is a preview.
I need to figure out many more things,
 but it is coming along.
If you only know how computer
illiterate I am.  Everyone keeps 
telling me,
 just get in there and play around. 
 So..... I am.
 One thing I know...
It is making more sense so when and if
I get professional help...I can at least 
understand more.  After learning photoshop
I think I need a
 writing class.



I found this picture here.
Another Tiny home, on wheels
to admire.

Hutch has a wonderful post on this site



...as evidenced by my mess below.
...I have been sewing and embroidering and
making stuff since I was a kid.  I remember getting
one of those sewing machines when I was 7 or 8
and all it ever did was make a big stinkin mess of the
bobbin thread...the frustration I felt then is the same 
I feel now with my computer sometimes.... 

And the easy bake oven...not so easy!  

Do you think I can find this
at target in a size 12?

 like I have no worries,
everything is o.k.,
and there is no end in sight.

This is driftwood sculpture at the beach by
local's hang out here
lots of moms and babies
it is very cool

Did not see this...
on the roster.
I bet it is
 good for quads...

This looks like a beach full of the



Have not seen any thing like this here
but...Love the picture

Here is new view from our room...It has a large
deck and we spend a lot of time here...it is so nice

....looking down at the pool...never go here
nice to look at...rather go to the beach which is
a very short walk and sandy...love to bob around
in the salt water

...more pictures of the walk to star store...
very nice and really no people...not like walking
to whalers village...that is like the 405 freeway...kinda

not sure what this is....a large bird feeder? Just thought
it would make an artsy-fartsie picture...since I really
know nothing about my camera...maybe content
will make up for quality...

aunt with rose colored glasses

This is my Aunt Jan.
She turned 70 last week.
She has always looked at the world
with rose colored glasses.

If I am anywhere near lookin, feelin and bein
this good when I am 70...call me happy.

cottage in the woods

more cottage love

way to recycle windows. If a gust of wind came
along....ohhh I don't know. But it is CUTE.

I've never thought of myself as the,
"gypsy type". More of a
hippie wanna be. I would of loved
to have been at woodstock, but the
comfort thing. Comfort is my middle
name. It is kind of a hang up really.
I have to take all the tags out of my clothes.
(Monofilament thread I think was a
weapon used for torture techniques)
Socks, worn inside out. Little cushy strap
on the seat belt. (another device used to
choke helpless drivers.) It kinda just goes on
and on. I guess why our baby things are so soft.
It's all about the FEEEEEEEELLLLLL.


Bunny Business

Bunnies By The Bay,
The company my sister and I 
started 24 years ago...
( we each had 3 kids by the way, from 3months to 8 years old)
...has had many transformations.
We have to keep reinventing ourselves.
and the
of a small business.
 (our 3rd partner and sister,)
 along with a staff of amazing artists
  and the,
even more
" business oriented people".
 ( You know who I mean...Anne, Dana.....)
are still at it,working to make 
Bunnies by the bay
The best baby gift line on the planet!

Remember her?
Not to long ago we made bunnies,
big, small, fat, ornate, plain, fancy....

We started out making bunnies,
 we live on an Island...
so... the name has a meaning.
We still have avid bunny fans out there.
I think, because we put ourselves into each
and every bunny we ever designed and produced.
But as the world turns so do markets,
so we had to come up with a new 
So...we thought
It made sense to us.
We wanted a product that is
... soft ...soft... soft...
cute, cuddly,quality
 I think what we do 
is plushy little animals.
If you don't believe me
look what I found on amazon

(the text is hard to read, so tiny...click on the text and it will get bigger, or go to 
amazon and read all the comments!!!!!!!!!
************** LOOK AT ALL THOSE STARS***********

So my point is,
If you love

....You can't wait to get up in the morning and
 DO IT....
...you love who you...
 ...WORK WITH....
Well, life doesn't get much better.
Living every moment
in a way that brings meaning and peace to
everyone you meet and everything you touch.

Oh and having fun
along the way.

Half the Sky


FarmChicks antique show

I am going to be a 1st time Vendor
at the FARMCHICKS show
June 5th and 6th
At the Spokane county fairgrounds
more information here.
I am so excited!

I love this place

This car is in Lahainna.
Gotta love it.

Little tin roofed shop in Paia

This cute little shop is in 
the town of Paia.
I am so attracted to these little 
I want a tin roof on my house.

Artistic Information

I found this here