cool gift

First my guy surprised me with 
an ipad.  Awesome.
Then I got this...
 An amazing cover for it.
It looks like an old book...leather and
just...cooler than cool.
Christmas came early this year.


Finally did it

Weighing heavy on my mind,
getting my Finders Keepers space
decorated for the holiday.
I had to have my dude drive me
to Marysville to accomplish my 


 I had to rush because of the weather.
Forgot to take pictures so I ran back
inside with my iphone.  I must have
been moving because some are out of
focus....sorry.  But you get the jist of it.

On the top are little paper houses that
you put a battery operated light.
They say, " HOME SWEET HOME."
Second shelf
on the left are soup cans...decoupaged and holding a paper flower.
On the right are candles.
Next shelf on left are large candles wrapped in cloth and have an ornament attached.
"Jolly Good Winter"
Other than the snowmen,
I think these are all celebration of
The season which lasts a lot longer
than just Christmas.
I love this fabric.  It is called Harem cloth.
It is heaver and cooler than cheesecloth.
I dipped in in coffee...love it!
These are cute magnets.
Here is an overall Fuzzy view.
Paper chains take a long time to do!
The red balls say, "I believe" and have yarn
and fabric trim.
The package you see in front  started this whole thing.
It is a bingo card wrapped in ribbon, that I think would
be cute hung like a picture.  I have a better photo on
my camera, that has a dead battery at the moment.
And of course the charger is in Anacortes....
I am in Kirkland.



I allowed myself 30 minutes to
check out some of my favorite 
blogs before I head out the door.
Found this on Jen's blog.
She did a very sweet blurp on me.
Also check out more information
about the show in Tustin.

it's christmas...chaos

Here are a few things I am
taking to Finders Keepers
for the big holiday weekend
starting black friday.

Chris...he the man

Chris, our curator at Hutch Studio,
and amazing talent...
Has a blog.
It is very cool.
The kind that you like to read,
and you learn something.
Great writing,
and wit.
Check it out.
It is called,

Cover Shot

Here is the model for the
cover of our Spring catalog
at Bunnies By The Bay.

We have a date for Turkey Weekend.
And 14 of his favorite Aunts, uncles,
and grandparents!


snowmen art

I get up around 4:00 in the morning.
So I get quite a bit done...if I don't 
get distracted.  
I Love the show Modern Family.
There is one episode where the
dad does a whole scenario displaying
his undiagnosed A.D.D.
Easily distracted and one thing
just leads to 15 projects going on
at one time.  I try to be neat and
tidy.  It just isn't possible when
I am taken over by the creative creature.
This is one project I did today.
I painted these.

winter wonderland

I have been in a world of snowmen
glitter, printing, painting, beading
and sewing.  It is all about pink and grey.
This is what I have been working on.

A small house with a tea light inside.
 This is a large ornament and a magnet.

 I used sugar cookie molds and made some
neclaces.  This is the back of the next picture.
 I found some vintage snowmen pictures.
Ran them through the vintage image site.
Added beads and wire and printed fabric,
all hung on a grey leather cord.
 Hey, I am all about cute, toned down with 
a  little coffee wash.  This is a picture. about 8xll.
A fun
Shel Siverstein poem attatched.
 A sweater pin.
 And flowers for hat or scarf.
 These are very cool.
I printed the image on fabric.
It is sewn to an old cream quilt back.
I did a little hand stitching and beading.
Filled with bird seed.  It is my version
of a picture to prop up on a shelf, instead
of hanging from a wall.
 Cute little picture hanging from wire,
and sewn to an old card....glitter and printed paper.
 Another soft picture...smaller.
 Hanging picture sewn to old text,
I have bits of this and that hanging from the bottom.
 Package of tags.
 Paper tree with parasol and pom poms.
So all of this is going to the show I am doing at
Paula's in Tustin CA on the 3rd and 4th.
Also putting some in Hutch by friday.
Call Chris if you are interested in anything.
Prices run...  15.00-65.00

Next I am going to redo my space
at finders keepers. 


Winter inspiration

I have been busy....still.

I think about posting, and
something else comes up.

I would rather be making
stuff than talking about it.
Here is a peek...

I am doing another show.
At The Paula shop in Tustin CA.
With the earth angel girls.
Dec 3rd and 4th.
Also making stuff for Hutch.
And some holiday decor
for Finders Keepers.


halloween treat

It was a great Halloween.
Sam spent saturday night
and we hung out sunday.
Carved our pumpkins 
and our little pumpkin
became a ghost.

So long October 
Hello November