to get home, get out my sketch pad...sharp
pencil, eraser and play.
Last sunday I sat outside and painted.
I can't seem to get away from this chick.
I like her.
Off center because of big
coffee stain that was on the right.

It looks kinda messy.
I am just playing around.
more playing


My design studio- home 
It is quaint, rustic, imperfect, some issues 
and I love it.
I have wanted this my whole life.
  Here is where I can cook, read, write, draw,
 sew, solder, glue, or just sit and do nothing at all.

The tide coming in from Similk bay. The weather right now is so
perfect.  This is when Washington is the best place on earth to be.

I like solitude and freedom
 that I get during the week. 

Down a flight of stairs and you are on a 
driftwood carpet...maintenance free

I like the cat...the huntress

I like mood lighting.

I like birds.

I like clocks.

I like the serenity of these. 

I like thai red candles.

Ugly necessity...in an attempt to be organized.

I like aqua handmade ceramics.
The sink was free.
The faucet drips.

I like old cream thread.

I like oranges...
Reading on the Bloomsbury group, inspiration
for Laconner workshop.

I like my working area

Heaven with the doors open.

I like red.

I like birds...especially crows.


Here is the journal I kept while in New York.
I have posted it so that the first page is at the 
bottom.  Mistake...oh well.

I originally drew in pencil.
I have gone back and redrawn in ink.
My first attempt at a journal.

Looking at blogs and sketching 
things I liked.  A start.  Doodles.

I like menus....I like red