80 degree's here I come.

Leaving for Tustin CA tomorrow 
for the Earth angels heART of the West show
191 E. Main
Jo Packham will be there,
the editor and founder of
Where Women Create
magazine and the Creative Connections event.
Come by and say Hello.
I have lots of handmade goodies,
along with the other artists.


One of my favorites

This is Toots Red Boots.
She is a prototype made by me
for our last line of bunnies.
The line never got produced.
And her boots are vintage.

I took a silk flower making class in San Francisco.
So here is some of that handiwork adapted to 
Her straw hat.

I embroidered this little ladybug leaving a trail.

 Close-up of french ribbon flowers and buds.

 Cutest little red vintage rubber boots.
They fit her mohair feet perfectly.

Too much stompin!
Toots Red Boots pops a button every time
it rains- please repair my collar...
and when it rains, holler-holler at her!

This is a new tag we made.  Grams
mending shop, fixes all the bunnies
tears and wipes up the tears.
She is for sale, call Cory 
in our retail shop for details.


Still Busy

I am still busy.
I love making snowmen.

This is an 8x8
New style,
collaged, brighter, I like it.


I like this one, because it's funny.
Don't you love to tease your sister.
I do.

What is funny about this...
is my sister is my mom's 
favorite.  It's o.k.
she is a lovely person and
easy to love.  I am a pain in the
ass...I am embracing it!!!!

Little detail on the top.
I like it.
And mean it...really.


More art for Art Girls Road Show

I have been painting up a storm.
These are all 5x7 originals
for 28.00
and also as cards for 5.00.


Snowmen and angels

We have been busy getting more Archive
Bunnies online.  Here are a few of my
favorites.  You can also come into our
Bunny Workshop and see them, along
with our newly opened baby store.
 3115 V Place...



A few years ago I took a class
from Claudine Hellmuth.

She does very whimsical art, 
that is customized with your face.
So I made this my new business card.


Painting away

I have been busy drawing and painting in 
my spare time.
Here is a sample.
These are 5x7
and all 28.00.

Girl in red dress.

 Listen child

Girl in blue dots.

Hello birdie.


Oh my gosh, I am overwhelmed!

Our big birthday sale was a huge success.
We had some delightful bunny collectors show up.
It was actually the CAT collectors that showed up first.
Kitties were first out the door.
And Halloween, almost all gone.

So here is first mate Tad
in green mohair, waiting for 
someone to love him.

Ginger Bunny.
Our take on a gingerbread boy,
in mohair.

We were pretty much wiped out...
But, we have more.
You can read this, and find more one of a kind
Archive bunnies here....
We will be pulling out more bunnies
and getting them online...so keep in touch.
We will also have them here at our workshop
in Anacortes, if you want to see them in
person.  Mon-Fri...9:30-4:00.

And thank-you all for coming to our
25th Birthday party.