Art for Farm chicks

Here is some examples of
what I am taking to 
farm chicks.
These are unfinished
they still need text and framed.


Baby Sam is doing great.
He is eating, sleeping, pooping.
All good and adorable!

I have posted about how
much I love my roku that
alows me to watch netflix on
my tv.

My current favorite
is the show Glee.
I love Jane Lynch.  She is the funniest actress
ever!  I am working my way thru the first season
have 4th dvd coming monday from netflix!
A great blog.

I love the colors and the tiny-ness
of this trailer.  Still dreaming of my
small space.  Working on getting rid of
more possessions and traveling lighter.


A portrait of Max.
She is 12...getting
up there in years
And spring just keeps 
getting lovelier.
Pictures from my 
iphone on a walk thru
our neighborhood.

Sam Fisher is adapting
He is incredible. 
Mom and Dad are busy.
And Dad is in love.
He is the official diaper changer
rocker, hugger, kisser.
Mom has her hands full with just
feeding him, dad is there comforting
them both.  I am so proud of a son
who is such a gentle loving daddy.


Well...here he is.

Sam Fisher Kirkpatrick

Born, May 15th
7 lbs. 1 oz. 19"
The year of the tiger.
A Taurus.
A wondrous amazing and alert little soul
He  makes your heart melt.
Mama and grandma and aunties
 are in awe and in love.

His daddy has not had
that moment yet...I think
he is still in shock.  But he 
will have it...when he least
expects it.  When Sam recognizes 
him, smiles and locks into daddys heart.
...there will be the 
love intertwined and eternal.


Imagine Music Video- Glee Cast Version + Deaf students

I have talked about how much I love my Roku,
 that allows me to watch Netflix on my TV.
  My new favorite is the show Glee.
I am so in love with this show. 
Here is from one episode.  
This will make you cry.


I am busy working on the 
farm chicks show.  Try to
post some pictures of things
I will be bringing...for now
here is a hint.


We are building our booth
for the farm chicks show.
I have Julie helping me.
I did all this research on cardboard
furniture.  I want to build a cardboard
booth.  I need a booth that is light weight
and easily set up.  Here are some examples
of what you can do....

Friday evening we were enjoying some beautiful
northwest weather.  This giant, fluffy cloud
was just sitting in a blue evening sky.  It was 
beautiful.  Oh thank-you for a sunny weekend!


We went to the nursery last weekend.
Found these hanging baskets of
we put ours in pot,
right outside the bedroom.

We just happen to have a button
cover machine at work.
I have been racking my brain
to come up with ideas for covered
buttons.  Here is one.  
I painted on cotton and made
these ponytail holders.
8.00 at Hutch and etsy.
I am awake before the birds.
Well I am still getting up at 3:00 a.m.
I love those early morning hours.
Time just goes by so fast.
I am making stuff---I am making big messes.
These are hand painted cards with a necklace.
24.00 ea.
I love this.  Always looking for better
packaging.  I want to make it an easy gift.
Done, you don't have to do a thing, but
give to a special friend, or to you
because we all deserve a little treat
now and then.
These are very sweet....I love making them.

I am getting smaller
These paintings are either 1.5 x1.5 inches
or 2 x 2 inches.
I drew the illustrations to make
jewelry, but I just am not in the
mood to solder.  So I made 
little pictures.  All original art.
I made about 10 of them.
For sale at Hutch 
12.00 ea.
I put a couple on etsy.
Call Chris for more details.

This is just to much fun.