This is my cat, she is a beach kitty.
She is the color of rocks and sharpens
her claws on driftwood. Great hunter,
foiled the hawks. I wouldn't mess with her.

max is happy

Max + green ball + water =
happy dog


Still working.
Don't the girls look lovely. Isn't it
funny how you coordinate your
wardrobe and everyon matches.

brain trust

Here is a peek at the inside workings
of bunnies by the bay. We are going
over design ideas for Spring 2010.
So far it all sounds really great.



Laconner update

We have uncovered a few props.

Recycling the old posts from the fence
outside. Primed and ready for paint and new
whirligigs for inside.

There are sunflowers six feet high, outside...
inspiration for the hutch, inside.

This was a very bright blue room...
now a muted aqua with brown wash.

old apothecary bottles waiting
to be used for

A few gatherings,
like a bird gathers to feather its nest,
we gather and build....?

When I moved into my house 10 years ago,
I found a humble bird house, left behind.
Now a pattern for these...going on the wall.

Chris..."washing the aqua wall with...

next best thing to instant coffee.

...remember this room?

Now...a warm pallet for birdhouses,
little pictures...shelves of old books...

we want to be in harmony with our
little displays of art...not fight with them for



I think this expresses my summer so far
I am quite content with life and love.


This morning I woke to this...
The sun was hitting this tree,
it was beautiful. We keep our
doors open in the bedroom this is
the view...
I love summer.


Here is my other talented sister...

Jeanne's art is amazing...not just the art
but the stories that inspire them.
Wu Fung Road


Flighty Friends

Flighty friends are busy as can bee.....

this is the beginning of a story my sister
has written...it's all about birds right now
check out her brand new blog.


This is my bounty from Laconner.
I picked these lovely hydrangeas
to take home and I discovered
I made a little snack.

Laconner re-invention
is comming a long.
Even though we have taken a moment to
stop and re-do our insides.
There is no halt to the progress of mother
nature on the outside.
The gardens of our laconner shop are in
there full picture taking mode.

And the lovely part of all this....
It is a perennial garden...so year after faithful
year...these flowers and berries return to
delight us with their beauty and just
friendliness. Yes...this is a friendly garden.
quaint...a little over the top and lovely.

Wirily gigs are still whirling and bees buzzing.

I've been meaning to take apart the front window.
But geez looooieze you can't even see it.

A pretty pink flower bush sits in a bed
of trailing and vining tiny red strawberries.

Do not know what this is...but it's cool.

Purple clematis is taking over the birdhouse.

Here is the former tea room. The walls are a
cream, and painted over with an umber wash.
The wainscoating is a mustard color with the
same umber painted on as a second coat.
The floor is primed and will be a mustard color
to match the rest of the floors.

Chris left the green on the interior of the window.
It adds character and depth.


I woke up early.
3:45 a.m. to be exact.
I cleaned,
It felt great.

Here is the view from my kitchen window.
an old aqua birdhouse.

I think this would be a great little
item for the new shop.

Where is my jigsaw?

Doll carriers.
The right colors.

These are berry boxes.
They hang in my entry.
Two have birds nests.

I like green and aqua metal tins. Especially
when they have polka dots.

Also in my entry, cream thread.

I made this in Sally Jeans three day workshop
in her studio in Portland. It was a blast.
Notice the theme.

Her studio is amazing.

I am working on new jewlery for shop. This has my
little drawings in them. 1-2 inches
Monday eve...solder time.

A giraffe and a doll. Working on these
for the new shop.

Nice new sewing area set up.
I need to fill the window box with
plants. Project for next week.

Turned my couch around. Now facing the water.
This is pretty much my kitchen, studio and living room.
Grand total of 600 square feet.

Some little flowers I found in my yard.
Driftwood container, gift from my sister.
I think another idea for new shop.
I have a beach full of driftwood.
Mother Nature...may I borrow....

view behind my work desk.
I think I will try a different way to hang
umbrella....next week.

When my doors are open.
My house seems much bigger.
A perfect summer day.

Standing in my kitchen,
not bad, huh? More flowers from my yard.

Don't ya just love summer...sunshine....a clean house?


Here are a few more little ditties.

I have signed up for watercolor classes.
7 sessions
starts tomorrow.

I want to learn to mix color.
how to get it to blend,
I gotta get off the ducks and chicks!
but...I like them.