One Eskimo 'Kandi' NEW Animated Version!

This is fun and catchy.  Love this band from England.
  Great album on itunes.
Love..... ONE ESKIMO


bespeak thee of grand

What image do you conjure up at hearing the word?
We all know what mother means but 
what about the other?
When I look up the meaning of grand...
 one interpretation...one I like.
 " a grand old face that bespeaks suffering but not defeat."
...Have we not all induced a bit of suffering in our 50 odd years of living?
Do you not think this lovely lady has suffered?

If she has, well.... she has not let it 
stop her or cramp her style.

 I am so in love with being older,
wiser...and ind├ępendant.
I am free to be in love with this...little peanut.
  I don't have to worry about him,
because I know He will be loved. 
I don't have the responsibility of being
a mommy...I just get to show
up...offer love, support and
I have suffered and I endured.
  I not only survived, I thrived. 
 I am grateful for the
opportunity to bask in the love
of a little guy that is just being,

I am grateful to be 54,
a granny with a free spirit
that can't wait to teach my little
guy....be fearless. 

He will give me my wings,
 that will make me grand.

Beautiful image was found here.
A very cool and fun site for those
of us who age with our own sense of style.


Gosh I am so tired.
But, I just need to share this
so I don't forget where I 
stored the image.
This artist is from Seattle.
Truthfully I don't like doilies. But a life sized
rug out of rope...now that is too cool!
In my possession is a very cool book.
Sibella Court...Etcetera etc.
Available at Anthropology and Amazon.
It is so cool.  I flipped through it, slowly.
 Walked away.
Returned after lunch and bought it.

 It is so inspirational,  
"Each chapter is brimming with trade secrets."

 I am also torn.  I am trying to do with less.
To make things out of what I have on hand. 
 Every day materials like cardboard, muslin,
paper, paint, wire.
I am no different than a crow, peering into
a  waste bin.  I pick and peck at the local 
farm and feed store. 
 Ace hardware and
Office Depot are equally as inspiring as Anthropology
and Sibella Court.

I need to absorb, touch, see and
yes, collect a few things to inspire me on.
to the next project.

I am gathering for my nest.

This weekend,
 I found
plain egg cartons,
wood garden stakes,
and wire for fencing.
at the country feed store.

Free recycled tubes,
at a carpet outlet.
At the Goodwill a 10.00 dresser for
my daughter- in- laws office.

I have my work cut out for me.


Extras Ricky Gervais and cat stevens

I have been watching this on netflix.  It is great.

Cardboard Studio

This is sunday morning.
After a good nights sleep and 4 cups of coffee,
I am ready to post more pictures of my studio.
I am showing little snippets of interest,
because my photography skills are not of a 
level to do an overall shot and have it look good.

 Come on in....

My creative process is...messy.
I tend to spread like the thai basil
that has grown out of the garden
and now takes up a good portion of
our front yard.

...I had to move
Edna, (our seamstress) out of this
space so I could move in.  Moving her
 was a daunting task.

I moved into that larger space at the factory a 
month ago.
  (I have moved my studio so
many times I have lost count.)

My furniture is mostly cardboard.
One whole wall, floor to ceiling is 
boxes.  Inside some of the boxes are these
displays.  In the closed boxes are things that
are not so pretty but just need to be organized.

Here are paper flowers I continue to
have fun making.  This batch was pink,
my last batch was aqua.

 I love lamps and bulbs.
(Did you know you are not
suppose to put one serge protector
into another?)
I am a fire hazard.
I wonder why those fire marshals 
visit every couple of months?

 My drawing table.  But I draw everywhere.
And I mean everywhere.  Use your imagination.

And the little pleasures...see my cup warmer?
That was a 99 cent goodwill find.
fire hazard?

I eat a lot of greek yogurt...the containers work
great for painting.

 I love old stuffed, toys.  The bunny on the right
of Andy was the inspiration for our Lollie doll in
the baby line.  many...many... uhhh 30 years, 
ago I use to make raggedy ann and andy's.  I did 
a serious in green. Green yarn hair and clothes.
  Must have been my Irish phase.

This is a display in one of the open boxes
in my wall of cardboard.

 All of it will get thrown in a vat of coffee.

Sorry about the mood ruining stitch witchery in PLASTIC.
It is amazing stuff though. I been using it for years.

 I have a lot of little sketches,
(still in my learning, practicing mode.)
I use old book pages and board to make cards.

I am drawn to nautical charts, I love the colors,
and the more worn and beat up the better.

 Again another lamp, I love this one,
the old metal base.
(fire hazard)

 Cute little red gingham outfit on my one and only doll. 
 When I was newly married and we were poor college
students, I decorated our rented house in gingham.
Red in the kitchen, blue in the bedroom and
living room, pink in the bathroom.  Influence
from my gram who loved the stuff, it was also
very cheap.  Thinking back...I bet it was awful.
Even the kitchen floor was black and white linoleum
squares.  Uh...cute-sie overload! Hey, I was 20 years old.

 Love those old books, more specifically the ingredients of old books.
 It is the patina of the pages, and the worn covers. 
 The smell I can do without, some are a little midew-ish.

 One can never have enough cubbies.  I have carted
this metal cabinet with me in all my many moves.
It holds pencils, pens, wire, embroidery floss,
tools, sewing stuff....

 Wire, metal, tin...paper, cardboard
the yin to my yang.

 And thread, creamy, dreamy, old and

 Tins I covered in paper and wire and
dots of pink.  Blurry mood photo.

 I am recycling our recycled cardboard hutch from the
farm chicks show.  It is bandaged now with a lot of glue. 
It sustained a few boo boo's from trying to get it
together...and then taking it apart.  I tell you I 
 seriously considered dumping it in the garbage bin at Farm chicks
...but,  I just couldn't do it.  I hauled it home and Julie begrudgingly patched it 
together for me.  I made the boxes and use it to keep my art organized.
Box Categories of art....
pretty good... not so good... bad but can't throw away.

So thats it.  Until next month when I reorganize again.


Beautiful art

I really like Cori Dantini's artwork.
I find it inspiring, unique and complex
but fun and thoughtful.
 ( Jeez, that sounds like a good merlot.)

She is doing the Cherry Creek Art festival
in Denver....Fourth of July weekend.

Isn't her work amazing?

She was at Farm Chicks...and was 
kind enough to pop in and say hello.

Good Luck Cori...I know your
show will be amazing.


night watch

This is how thursday night went.
I showed up with my granny supplies.
Which in truth was just one large 
bag.  But this picture is better.
I do not have to bribe him with presents 

Except for this.
This is big bribe bait.
This is. in the infant world the
greatest invention of all! It makes
life really pleasant for grandmas.

Mommy keeps multiples 
on hand.


Gearing up....

Really I should quit
while I am ahead.
In the middle of another post
and hit one wrong button.
There is a draft somewhere
that I can't get to.
One more time.
I am going to see this wee angel tonight.
...and this is the goal.
But I have memories of a couple of,
"melt downs", from this little peanut.
Reminiscent of a cross between this
and this...
But I have had a weeks worth 
of great sleep...so I am ready.

One more thought.
I keep thinking this colicy
thing is the formula.
do you think Milk will
make Sam look like this
by the time he is 22?

may be we should try this...

Or we could trade in ole Blue here.

For a pet that works for it's food

frustration and it's only 7:46 a.m.

Do you ever have moments of total
frustration?  ( Sam throwing his head
back and yelling comes to mind.)

I took pictures of my studio yesterday,
here are the facts.
(actually...these are glory shots in
a mess of paper, cardboard and paint)
I am trying to teach myself photoshop elements.
(elements is supposedly a little less
 a toe in the water...2nd grade!)
So ....
I resize the images,  save
a web copy and a regular jpeg.
I file them in iphoto, desktop,
documents, random kinda,
not realizing really where I should
file them. In the jumble I can't
find the web copies.
throwing head back now!!!!
I am out of times  I started
at 5:30  it has been 2 hours
I have stuff to do!!!
here are 3 pictures
I had to redo...file...umber...resize.....again.

Ok.  enough.


Bath time for Sam

This was taken last friday.
Sam has a bath.
He peed on me again.
Oh well, I am getting use to it.
Look at those eyes, wide awake.

See where my arm is...a direct shot.
Next time I'll stand a little to the side.
Or make him a little peepee teepee.
Red gingham maybe.

winner winner

First of all do you ever look at
the clock and see numbers 
that seem odd. This happens to me all the time.
Maybe I am watching to many LOST episodes
 on netflix.    OH well.....  When I 
started to post it was 2:22.
at 2:22
I had my sister pick the name.
Congratulations Marilyn.
Sorry for the incorrect spelling above.

In the studio

I have put this on etsy.
It is my dream caravan.
"Some dreams have wheels."

Here is another one.
"I will be nice today and quietly play."
it is 8"x8.5"
I can customize it too.

I painted this a while back.  I saw this saying
at a cool little deli in New York.
I believe it has some merit.  When we commit
to a project or a path that leads us in a direction
we want to head in, we must make our intention
as if it has already happened.  I am working on this,
with my art.  What has happened, I am in love
with drawing....I am getting better with practice...

how about you? 


Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman

My God This makes you feel good. 

 I saw Harold and Maude a couple of months ago and could not get Cat Stevens out of my head.

I have been watching Extras on netflix and they play this song at the end of the show...I love it. 
 I bought the album on Itunes and it is so uplifting.
  Tonight on Pandora I heard Peace Train.  
This is shameful...but I thought Cat Stevens was dead.  He isn't, I read his bio on Wikapedia and was
amazed.  I think his voice, lyrics and message are amazing.


New Fathers day

Today it is dark and rainy 
in Seattle.  It is also Fathers Day.
My father has been gone for 
0ver 20 years.  He was a fisherman
who died at sea at the age of 48.
I still think of him.

  I would like to dedicate this fathers
day to my son.  He became a father on
May 15, to Sam. 
 My son will be a 
great dad.  He is kind, loving, fun, 
compassionate and busy.  A little boy's
dream daddy.  Happy fathers day Ty,
Love mom


I don't really understand
But...I am really curious
as to how many of you
really read my blog.
I have a handful that
are so sweet and leave 
a message and I have to say...
that is the grease that keeps the 
wheels turning on blogs.
So just for my ego
I would like to know.
I would like to give away
a picture.

Sweet and simple,
from me to you.
If you leave a comment
I will pick at random
a winner.  
If you have a blog,
I will come by for 
a visit.  
I will pick a winner
next wednesday
June 23rd.
Good luck.

Here is some new art
in cardboard frames.

I can personalize these with a name.

The first ones says,
"If we stop to listen we all dance to the same music -
the sound of the birds and the flowers - is the tune of love.

I will be nice today.

Some dreams have wheels.

My garden is a giving friend
that shares her bountiful blooms.

Sweet and Shy

These are all available for purchase.
Originals  25.00 each. Sweet
and shy is smaller...15.00