View from Cap Sante

Another beautiful day here in Washington.
We have dug out our flip flops and tank tops.
It doesn't matter that it is 55 degrees and freezing at night.
It is sunny!
It is a shame to leave such a beautiful place...
but....I must.
A year ago we planned our vacation.
A month in Maui.
I leave saturday.

A mole on my lamp

Chris painted this lamp shade for Hutch.
I think it is so cool.
We have a little mole problem
in the garden ....hence his inspiration
for the shade.  I think the boy must 
be him thinking how do I get these
guys to find a new home?
I believe it is 175.00

I am just thinking

I have been busy. 
 New art at Faded Elegance in Snohomish.

I also brought in some necklaces.



The Love Show

Here are pictures of last nights event
at Hutch Studio.   I brought lots of new art.  

Bring on the Love

Hutch Studio
pictures of last nights event.
It was amazing.
We had a full crowd from


Busy making love...

Getting ready for a show at Hutch.
Love for all that is creative and 
love in the making of art.
Feb 14-March 14
Reception Feb 14, Valentines day.
Stop in for a glass of wine and a goodie.  


Walking by this truck

I think this old aqua marine truck is so cool.
love the color, the aged rusty look.
fun license plate.
If it was reliable and played my ipod...
i'd be all over it.

Foraging for food

Another walk and
some busy ducks.
How would you like to 
stand on your head to 
get some food?
Actually, stand on your head
put it underwater and look 
for some slimy morsel.  
Yuck...but it's fun to watch it done by a duck! 

I live in a Pretty Place

This is the view from a walk yesterday.
See the mountains and the water.
It was a beautiful sunny 60 degree
day here in Kirkland.  It really doesn't 
get much better than this.


paper flowers

This is what I have been up to.  All in a Valentine cloud.  Pale pink and aqua...and dots of course.


Where the green fern grows

Every time I walk past this tree I 
think how amazing it is.  The moss,
and the ferns growing out of the trunk.