here is my 
I will eventually
paint the walls
and find better display
this was a quickie
setup for the weekend

This is a little
of what will be comming.
More one of a kind 
treasures will fill our
 Laconner shop.


showed up finally.
I think they thought May
was a more appropriate month.

This is in my new space in our 
shop in Laconner. 
These are small wire birdcages
and necklaces displayed in
a very cool old birdcage.

This is my favorite so far.
It is a covered matchbox...

...and it is covered twice...
because I tried to wax it...
and the paper became translucent
and you could see the matchbox underneath!

So...fixed that...
 inside is a 
wee necklace.

This is a book...
I made the mushrooms out
of paper mache and clay.

Here is a sweet little picture.
I made the flowers from old 
book page paper, they are
painted with wax. Behind
the wire holder is a strip
of vintage ribbon.
I like my bunny girl...
 these ears
 help us  to be
Don't ya just hate it when you
post pictures in the wrong order!
Well this is the back of the next
picture.  I like to have messages
with a picture...
Loving Dr.Seuss right now...
he is a great antidote to the news.



This all came about because of the last group
of things I made and took to Faded Elegance.
I liked it all...but I used stamps for the images
and I thought to myself...I wish it were my drawings...
instead of stamps.  So I just started experimenting with
the stamp images and very simple whimsical sketches and
I liked them.   

I took a sketch pad and some watercolors and
I just