Planting and Playing

It has been a planting and playing weekend.
We had a Sam sleepover.
He will be 2 on May 15th.
Just to show you how smart he is
he can eat chips and sing
twinkle twinkle little star at the same time.

We are dabbling into gardening.
A few raspberry bushes, tomatoes,
herbs and beans.

We have our bean poles up,
and herbs in pots.

Here is our courtyard.
Sam loves sitting in the chairs
and playing in the pond.

Entry looking from the

We planted tomatoes
in the backyard.
Up against our stucco wall that gets
the most sun.


New Video from Hutch Studio

Here is a new Video 
from Hutch Studio

Spring Show in Saratoga Springs New York

I leave in a few weeks for
EarthAngel Spring Fling.

I can't wait to see the east coast this
time of year.

Here in the valley it is beautiful.
Cherry trees are blooming, Lilacs will
be blooming in another week.

I stopped at the tulip fields this morning. It was early and
on my way back to Anacortes from Kirkland.  The fields were
not open so I took these pictures from the locked gate.

Happy Spring.
Are you blooming?


Tulip Time

It has been a busy week.
Chris was on vacation this past 
I am the only back up person for Hutch.
And it is Tulip Time.  The busiest month
or really the only busy month of the whole year
for sleepy La conner. 

I think this was the second most photographed site.
Our fence.

This of course is the first.

 We have been there
20 years and this past week I was reminded of 
all the reason why we have chosen to be in retail
for the past 32 years ( If you add BBTB and our 
children's store Elsa and Co.)

I met so many wonderful people. Lot's of
Canadians, lots of people who only come up
once a year, hadn't been there in years or had
never been in our shop. I talked to each and every
one of them.  Some long conversations, some short
but all very pleasant.  It was a great week.
We (my dude) drove back to Kirkland saturday and
 sunday, the traffic was so bad.  When we passed 
Snowgoose the lines were so long for ice cream.

 The real highlight of the weekend was sunday night
as we left town to head home the traffic line started at 
snowgoose...so slowly 5 miles an hour we made it
to Conway.  We pulled over and ate here.
The Conway Pub

A pitcher of beer, vege burgers 
 and listened to Knut Bell

It was all locals and it was such
a great way to end the weekend.
Oh....but we did stop in Kirkland
and got a Chinese Foot Massage also.

During the week I talked with a few of the other shop owners on
Morris street.  Like Mary Davis from Vintage lighting
She is world renown for her vintage lighting.

And Charity from La Crema coffee
The best coffee I have ever had.

And Re-feather your nest, which took over our old baby store
in the Tillinghast building. ( And now carries our baby line.)

Lot's of reasons to shop Morris Street.

And I had these cuties come in the store.
This is Max and his sister.  They love there

I had a lot of explaining to do.  We tend to confuse people because
we are alway changing.  I like change, many people don't. They 
lamented about missing the bunnies, or the teas, birthday parties.
We have changed so many times.  Really all in an effort to 
keep that shop afloat.  It is difficult because La conner really
is a destination town...and fewer and fewer visitors seem to come.
So many of the people I talked to had not been there in years.
A business cannot survive if your customers show up every
8 years, or even once a year at tulip time. 

When we reopened Hutch my idea all along has been that 
we would be an online shop.  I believe the world is our
customer.  So we will build that website, and you can
come and visit us anytime.  
Thank-you to all who ventured to walk through our
door.  It was a delight to talk to you and share
some time together.  


Beachy redo

The latest round of pictures.
of my beach house.
Saturday is the day.
On the market.

A few more tweaks.

Painters canvas covers the furniture.

A cool light fixture I found in Atlanta
at the country living show last year.

I recovered the chairs. Never ever buy an electric 
staple gun...I had two quit on me and ended up using
standard. Hurt, but got the job done.

One of two bathrooms.  Simple.

DIY saw on pinterest,
and I just happen to have this old rake laying around.

Branches and old red quilt.

Yep, everything here is Wonderful.

Flag holder, now holds fishing poles.

Other bedroom, cozy....

Nice pooch.

Nice view.

Tide's out...anyone for clamming?

A few steps to the beach.

It's all here in this small room.

A DIY from Hutch Studio.

I Love Rope.


Home Sweet Beach Home.


On the Beach House

Spring is here and
I am putting my beach house back on the market.
I have been cleaning and decorating.
It has been beautiful and sunny here, so what
a treat, to spent time at my beach house
doing what I love to do best...decorate and
practice up on my DIY skills.

 I brought in a new (old table)

I replaced my Ikea table with this rustic gem.
Painters cloths now cover the vintage couch and Ikea chairs.
If I have time I would like to recover the cushions on my dining room chairs.

 It is tulip time here in Skagit Valley.
 The tulips are now just blooming and the fields are full of daffodils.
Farmers are planting their crops and the snow geese have moved on
 Driving up here from Kirkland each week is so nice.  I take the
conway exit and drive through the farms and fields.  A short hour and
a half from the city. But it feels like a million miles away.

 This is the, "great room" all of 600 square feet.
It is living, dining, den, kitchen, breakfast nook and
entertainment room.  I have nice high ceiling, so it 
seems bigger.  This part of the house was barged and
put on pier blocks in the 1930's. A lot of fresh paint, 
all new wiring, plumbing and the demolishing of the sad remodels
of the past and she is good as new. 
The ceiling has the original planks.
Oh and of course a new foundation.
And new septic tank.
Total square footage is 1300. Two bedrooms.  Two bathrooms.
And a large open room with original pantry.
No stairs!  All one level.

You can see out into my yard.  It is quite large with
60 feet of waterfront.  My neighborhood is quaint and
each house is unique and one of a kind.  We are right next
to our local golf course, and in fact all this land once
belonged to the Similk beach golf community in the1940's.
The streets are Putter, Eagle, Caddy, Driver...and I live on Slice.

 Recycling of some dried flowers and driftwood.

 This shelf is in the shower.  I love old bottles.
I found the little bird jar at Pier one. Have you been there
lately? Some great things.  I also bought new Sisal rugs, towels, and shower curtains.
 I would love to have bought one of their aqua umbrella's for outside.

 A few polka dots to add to the whimsy of the old quilt.

Some great rusty found treasures from my beach.
Besides these great finds, there is a lot of driftwood. And
clamming and crabbing right from my own front yard.

This is the entry.
All the moss in my planters, I picked from the
side of the road on my drive home.

This was a picture taken last spring.
When all three sets of doors are open, it is paradise.

This was also taken last spring, see my Lilac bush in bloom?
We also use this fire pit all the time.

 I am a few steps from the beach. 
This is referred to as low bank waterfront.
Nothing like a beautiful inlet with a view of the
islands to gaze at.  To me this is the epitome of
a beach house. It is rustic and functional.
You come here to get away, enjoy nature, walk the

Play golf at the quaint Similk Beach golf course
5 minutes away and just forget all the pressures of life.
In fact I drive along this course to get home.

There are only 4 other houses on the market in my price range,
and mine is the only one that is ready to move into.
All the furnishings are for sale also.
Just bring a good book and kick back.
It couldn't be easier
to live the dream of living on the beach.