Cuter than cute

This is Bonnie Voyage

She is getting ready to go to Japan
with her best buddy Jody.
Wish her a pleasant voyage
ohhh and visit her and more of her 
friends here.

Inspiration in View

Thank-you to all who left a message on my blog and Jen's.
Very kind and generous sentiments. And I truly appreciate
your thoughtfulness.

To those of you who have not left a little message...
you have until sunday to win Seamore.

Onto a new thought.
I love seeing other people's inspiration boards.
Here are a couple of mine.  They have changed a bit since these
pictures were taken...but it gives you a glimpse into my
messy world.  


I feel generous and lucky today

Today is monday.
Not such a great day.
Rain, thunder, cold...
I took a nap I felt so CRAPPY.
But...nothing makes you feel better
than to give something you really, really like
to someone you appreciate.
That is you.
One favor to ask though.
Please go over to 
scroll down the page until you get to
the post on 
little ole me.
Leave a comment.
Show Jen some love.
Tell her how much you appreciate 
her support of all her earth angel girls.
If that is to much work
then leave a comment for me
and I will forward it to her.
If you do that...
I will put your name in a hat 
for the chance to..
This little bunny.

This is, " Seamore".
He is a seafaring rabbit who 
 sails the seven seas to see what he can see.
I made him and he is one of a kind.
Little too.  You will get a wee package 
in the mail.  

I will pick a winner
on Sunday...the last day of July.

Good luck all my seafaring sea gals.

Art for you

I did my last post on my ipad so I couldn't get all the info down
nor could I make the picture bigger. I'll try again. Here is more information.
Jen has a page of little ole me on her site it is here....

She also has a little special highlight on her blog which is here....

You need to scroll down a bit on her page.

And here are some sample of what is for sale.
There are about 20 pieces.  + more on her website.







Art for sale at Earth Angel Toys

I am having an Art show. Jen, at earth Angel Toys is showing all my new art. It is on her blog Here is one example. Her website is posted to the left.

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A Slice of Beach

Here is a link to the website
My house for sale.


4 days with Sam

Well my 4 days with Sam are over.
It was so much fun.  Nothing like
watching a one year old loving  life.

Here he is watching an airplane.  When he hears jet noises , he stops and looks up.

Here he was pissy, not all that happy for some reason.  Climbing stairs though, nothing
stops him from moving...even a bad mood.

And he knows how to go down stairs. " STOP...turn around." He has heard that 
a hundred times. 
 Still pissy.....but so stinking cute!
He is just a little cuddle bug.  Loves to be held and snuggle.
Play...run....climb, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Eating....ahhhh not so much.  There is to much to do.
He actually likes walking around with food.  Especially
O's.   But to feed him....not so interested unless it's cheese.


Take me back to simpler times

Tomorrow Sam is coming
to stay with us for 4 days.
So excited!!!
We have new toys. 
***Wood Blocks***
***Wood Puzzel***
and... yep
***Wooden Train***

I like old fashion toys.

We gave him this 
Radio Flyer for
his birthday.

He looks like an old fashion boy
right out of the 50's.


New Art for sale

I sent 20 original watercolors off to Jen at
Should be on her site by next week.
Chris also has new art at
Hutch Studio.


We designed a new backpack for our 
Spring line.  I gave one of the prototypes
to Sam.  My little test marketing grandson.
Mama put it on him...so proud.
Such a big boy.
he wanted to see it.  So he turned around
and around like a puppy chasing his tail and 
the patience came to an end.  Frustration looks like this...
Look how PISSED!
So when Mom finally showed it to him,
he came up with the way he will wear it.
She said he laughed and ran around and loved it.
A fashion setter!


Finally*** prints

I finally have prints available
Call Chris at 
Hutch Studio
for more information.

I also made

Shine and Sparkle


Go ahead.


 found here


I have been absent, sorry.
Working on the old muffin top as mentioned in 
the last post.
  I happen to be an...
kind of gal.
The last 2 weeks have been, 
I did this.
I did it.
 The entire 10 days.

(My partner in crime
didn't last through the first day. 
He ate pizza of all things!)

Timing is everything.

I guess I had to get to the point where
I couldn't live in a body that has been so good to 
me...and that I was not treating well.  So it rebelled.
It hurt.  It wouldn't heal.  It's tired. When you wake up
in the morning and your first thought is, "I'm tired"
it's pretty clear...

The time had arrived.

 I thought about it for a very long time.
A couple of years ago I watched utube videos
of other peoples experiences. I thought there was
 no way I could do that.  
But slowly a realization came over me that,
I needed a break from eating.  I needed to
step back and not think about food.  I was
tired of always being hungry, but never satisfied.

Many years ago a friend once told me
"Krystal, when you get control of your weight,
you will have control of your life."
I never forgot that.

:When the solution is simple, God is answering:
:Albert Einstein:

So, I got the book The Master Cleanse and the following book
Beyond the Master Cleanse.
I read them, cover to cover, and kept reading
both, over and over.  
I took one week to prepare myself
by drinking the lemonade all day
eating fish and a salad at night.
I still drank wine.
Food tasted AMAZING.

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise
if we have waited in the darkness.  
Author unknown

 I started the following monday.
I chose to do the herbal laxatives
and the tea, instead of the salt water flush.
Did I suffer...yes.
Headaches, tired, a little nausea
and cramping from the laxatives.

The worst part was any social event.
Watching your family cook and 
eat and drink together...that's difficult.
And the evenings, when you are not
distracted by work and people around you.
When you are alone, ready to relax with
a glass of wine and food..comfort, reward.
I had to isolate myself, go to bed,
read, meditate, walk.

Was it worth it...yes


 I lost 10 lbs.

But bigger than that.

I have a body that is thanking me
by healing itself.

And I am ravenous for more information
on the concept and belief that...

I want premium grade...to give me maximum results.

I want excellent health.

( Popeye ate spinach...Wimpy ate hamburgers.)

I believe I have found the answer..


Found here in Victoria Boutenko's book.

I downloaded this on the 
kindle app on my ipad.
Read it in one day.
Every word about eating
protein and nutrient rich greens blended in 
a drink with fruits and other
vegetables rang true for me.

:Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds
if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon:
:Doug Larson:

Having it on my iPad I keep reading it, because it is fascinating.
  Easy to read, and full
of enlightening nutritional information.

Her book led me then to this book.

  It is so simple.  It makes 
perfect sense. 
lower Acidity--- raise Alkaline
Omega 6 - decrease
Omega 3- increase

By making different choices.
Giving your body a chance to work
with you and not against you.  Discovering
that scientist have changed the molecular
structure of foods we are told are good for
us, but in fact are extremely harmful,
and now make us not only fat, but sick.

Knowledge is power.

So how am I feeling now?
My cleanse ended Thursday morning

3 days ago.

I went off my hormones when I 
started the fast.  I went off my 
thyroid medication at the end of
the fast.  
No hot flashes.  My sense
of smell is intensified.
(everyone smelled like garlic to me.)
I have energy so I am walking and
lifting weights.  My eyesight is better.
When I put on my glasses to drive
they were blurry.  I saw better without
them. ( Reading...different story, still bad.)
I do not have any cravings.
I am not drinking.
Not eating meat.

( I am a carnivore to the max...I've done Atkins many times,
and drank red wine everyday.  No one likes food, thinks about
food, enjoys food as much as I do. When my low blood sugar
kicked in, people got out of my way, as I stampeded to the kitchen.)


I am eating fruits, vegetables, and fish,
healthy fats, a few nuts, coconut water
and drinking lots of PH balanced water,
herbal teas, and... 

 ...today is
my first day of this.

A green smoothie.
According to Victoria
drinking a green smoothy everyday
will cure anything.  Diseases, like Hypothyroidism, menopause,
arthritis, inflammation, heart disease.... Reverse the aging process,
aid in weight loss.  Clear up any and all skin problems,
from warts to eczema, help with brain function,
  Make grey hair reverse itself.  Help with emotional issues like
depression, anxiety, memory loss.  End cravings
for sugar, alcohol, processed food. It goes on and on.

I'm willing to give it a shot.

I will be 56 in August. Yahoo.....
I am giving myself an early gift.


Vitamix 5200
So I have made my first couple of smoothies.
It's pretty good.  You make it, to fit you.  There are
 countless variations.  Just pick a green leafy vegetable, like
Kale, endive, pursale, beet greens, dandelion greens,
chard, spinach, fennel, lambsquarter, chickweed,
stinging nettle, arugula, cilantro, parsley....
and mix it with as much fruit as you want,
a little water, coconut water or juice,
dates, maple syrup, for sweetness.
vanilla or herbs for flavor.  You can make
savory or sweet.  Good for all ages and wow,
it just smells so fresh.

O.K. thats it, I have to go because....
my wayward partner just asked me to make him another one.

One more thing.
I am also reading this...