Dough Girl

Recently we were in California
for a family wedding.
Our hostess prepared us
a special breakfast.
These rolls sit in the
oven and rise overnight.

A little to much dough 
for the pan.

Which brings me to this.

A muffin top.

picture courtesy of google images.
description....urban dictionary

But for me...this is just the beginning.  The muffin
is attached to the rest of my body, that just seems
to take up more space than necessary.

So I am doing something about it.
I will let you know what happens.
So far so good.


Beach House with character

Pictures of my Beach House
on Similk Bay

Kathy Clarke
John L Scott

Fathers day

Happy Fathers Day

My father was lost at sea.
He was 49 years old.
That was 25 years ago.
I still miss him.
Our Hutch Studio is dedicated to our
 Father and brother.
  And all the others
The last month and a half we have been
working frantically to get the shop ready
for visitors from far away who need to see feel 
and touch our story.
Hutch now clearly tells a tale
of two little girls waiting for their father to 
return from the sea.

One can only sit idle for so long, especially....
So they bide their time by playing with a
 household full of rabbits.
Their grandmother comforts and consoles
them, when she them stare out into the ocean.

This tale is no fantasy created to entertain our
visitors.  This story is very real. We live it everyday.
Bunnies saved the sisters.
Who would have ever thought?

Today I want to wish my father
who still lives in my heart and comforts
me in a way that is connected, not by 
flesh and blood but by a thread that
can never be broken.

And also to....

My only son.
He also is a fisherman..
..away at sea.
He is an amazing father.
When he is home,
He is DaddyNanny.
The best dad any child could have.
Happy Fathers Day Ty.

To my partner
who prefers to remain anonymous in this
blogging world.
You are the most dedicated, compassionate,
supportive and loving father and
 grandfather I have ever known.

Our Sam Fisher is very fortunate to have
so many amazing men in his life.


Hutch Studios - "Bunnies"

Another fun day at Hutch

Hutch Studio - "Whirligigs"

Look at our new video


Oh lordy it's BUNNIES

Oh my,
We have been inundated with 
rabbits.  A few pictures of 
and what we have been up to.

A sailboat, made of cardboard and filled
with nautical rabbits.
Setting sail for a land full of carrots.

 Hey, some rabbits are better artists 
than others....
Chris made the little wagon from an old spice can.
 Very cool book I found while out 

Hello...can I read you a story?

One of my simple bunny drawings brought to life with thread.
Made into a pillow.

This is an old doll I changed the face on.
It is now a bunny doll.

An incredible intricate paper cutting Julie made
as a lamp shade.  It turns from the heat of a small bulb.

 Sometimes you need to put paper aside
and draw on fabric.
I then did an outline stitch.

Goin for a wee sail.

there is so much more.....