Sam Weekend

We had an overnighter with Sam.
He was so much fun, entertaining and makes me 
Did I ever mention my dude is a photographer?
Well, he was shooting a job in our studio, so 
we popped in for a couple of shots.

He sent me this....as a gift today.  The gift is...
he photoshopped out some wrinkles.  I thought
I looked pretty good, but hadn't figured it out.  Oh well,
I don't mind the wrinkles...now gray hair, that's
a different story.
Sam on the other hand...is adorable with his overalls
and that is a GRRRRRRR...dinosaur in his hand.

Such a happy guy...21 months.
He knows his colors, can count to 15 and
knows how to upturn a laundry basket to
grab a 3rd cookie off the counter.
And the best part....calls me grammie.

I'll say it for the 100th time....Grandkiddo's 
are the best.


Busy in the Studio

I have been busy in the studio today.
My sister threaten to take a picture
of my mess. 
 After the photo shoot with
 Jo.  It is back to my normal 
messy self.

These are shadow boxes.

  And this is a tiny little bunny.
About 3".
That's all.  So far.


Balancing act

It has been a busy week, hence the...No Post.
Also waiting for inspiration.
I found it. here http://maddieonthings.com/
First found here.http://www.swiss-miss.com/

You know the old found on blog, look for original source
kind of thing.  Anyway  this led me to Maddie the hound dog.

My life has been a balancing act of late
Lots going on....but it is winding down.

We are filming Hutch Studio today.
I am excited about that.
But also I just really like her.
She is genuine, enthusiastic
and appreciative.  It is going to be
a fun day.  

Between work, family, art,
cooking, and taking care of yourself
it all seems a little to much sometimes.
I am learning to let go.  Not trying to
be perfect in everything and work myself
into a frenzy. 
How about you?
How do you balance it all?


Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day
Eat oatmeal and your heart will love you.

Well, still here in Palm Springs.  I have everyone eating oatmeal
and fresh fruit for breakfast.  When they wake up it is all ready
for them.  And they watched Fork over Knives with me

Next up


Palm Springs

My sister and I are in Palm Springs,
with our mom, aunt and uncle.
Really...I have so much going on I 
should not have come.  But...in the end
family is important and I want to be with
them.  We have been invited year after year
and never came.  This time...I just felt we 
need to do this.  It has been great.  Last night
we cuddled up on the couch and watched the
grammy awards. I stayed up until 11:00!!!
It was nurturing, familiar and fun.
Laying on the couch next to my mom
I felt 12 years old again.

Did you hear the 
 The Civil Wars on the grammies?
First thing this morning I downloaded 
their music.  Listening right now.

And just for giggles I found this saved 
on my desk top.


Run Rabbit, runrunrun

A rabbit herding sheep
This is so funny.  It's long you don't need to watch
all 5 minutes.  But the song is catchy too.


Hutch Studio classes

Chris has been busy taking pictures of Hutch.
Wouldn't you love to come and take a class?
Make this paper house chandelier?
How about a whirligig?
Or a light from a recycled jar and tin can?

Call Hutch for class schedule


Spring...think garden

I'm going to plant a garden.
I have wanted to do this for a long time.
Now is the time.
Here are some great container ideas.
I found this via pinterest, which led me here.

This is a great video on why we should take control of 
what we eat.


Granparents on duty

Last weekend was a Sam weekend.
We picked him up friday and took 
him back to his mama on sunday.
I have no good pictures, because
when he wasn't moving, he was
cuddled in my arms watching
SHREK!  (6 times)
We go for rides around the living room.

 Climbing between the forest of bar stools.

Up and down the entry.

Climbing, favorite activity.

We had a few melt downs.  All very typical of a 20 month old.
It was an awesome weekend.
And when we dropped him off,
I was torn, happy to take him back to his parents,
but missing him already.


Can't wait for number 2.
Will be here in August.